Fourchan's christmas. Lol'd hard, found on /b/. Anonymous "Wrr/ 11( Tue) 17: 49: 39 2 Be IT 2 Christmas dinner at my granny' s 2 Huge family. have to seat in li fourchan story Christmas

Fourchan's christmas

Lol'd hard, found on /b/

Anonymous "Wrr/ 11( Tue) 17: 49: 39
2 Be IT
2 Christmas dinner at my granny' s
2 Huge family. have to seat in little table with kids
2 Older cousin sees me bored and alone
2 He leans ever and says "Wanna get blazed?"
2 ******* . jpg
2 Smoking a joint with older cousin outside
2 He' s telling me about WWII and howthe name were not entirely wrong
2 Say I think these jew .ii. . i. 6' aimbots had it coming anyway
2 Both laugh
2 Hear a slight chuckle behind us
2 its cousin' s little sister.. 2 years me- cute. freckles. braces. dat ass n them tits
2 Older cousin hands me thepoint- gees inside quickly because he deosnt want his sister's smell the weed en him
2 She laughs and asks me what were we doing
2 I tell herbe were burning seme fireworks
2 She just stares at me
2 pokerface. ipg
2 "Are ysu going to hand ?"
Anonymous "( Tue) 1761 :30
2 Finish joint, speak fer a while
2 Start to get boner
2 Suddenly she leans Ivette me and says "Do Wu know what I really want though?"
2 lest in her eyes with my mouth spen. can only mumble
2 Esme big, hat turkey"
2 Premium Maing em of the tip of my dick
2 "Lets go inside"
2 ****** . jpg
2 Setup. its dark so she cant see my boner
2 Pull dick up and snap between stomach and jeans. Xever with shirt
2 Go inside, all the family is sitting in the living room
2 Somebody ******* got a karaoke machine
2 My aunt calls my name and tells me its my turn
2 Say I dent wantes
2 Everybody starts calling my name
2 Hot cousin hugs me frsm behing and pushes her tits against me. whispers in my ear
2 "Omen anon, do this and then we can go to the bedroom so that i can give you ysub chistmas present"
2 She pushes me to the center sothe living rnsm and hands me the microphone
2 The Varese machine starts playing "I touch m self"
2 Singing awkwardly with a flaky teenage " mice
2 Start getting red and sweating
2 Suddenly grandpa starts laughing and pointing at my crotch
2 Tip of my dick is sticking out of my pants and clipped ever my shirt
2 Also there is a stain of premium on my pants
2 Grandma screams "OH MY GOD! HIS IS SHOWING!"
2 Everybody points and laughs, see several hashes frsm cameras
2 Start feeling faint, string of blood cames em of my nese
2 Liquid diahrrea starts to cemo em sf my ass
2 Squirt liquid **** all everfree and presents
2 Everybody starts puking because sothe smell
2 Both grandpa and grandma have heart attacks. **** themselves all flailing their arms in the air
2 Ginger midget semes em sothe chimney dressed as an a bottle
2 Gets en top sutable and drinks the bottle, whips em his donkey dick
Clumps en hot cousin and rips her pants off
2 Ejaculates all ever her anus
2 Hot cousin screaming in pleasure
2 Burst interrests
2 Everybody laughing at me again, even my cousin and the midget
2 Spaghetti in packets and fanny pack boiling frsm anger
2 Breathing heavily
2 Temperature starts to rise, spaghetti spurting out of pockets
2 Unleash my fury
2 Half sothe house is wrecked
2 No survivers
2 Only got seme ****** socks
2 Worst chistmas ever
Anonymous ( T ) 17:
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