Flawless Victory. Screencapped from a thread I started last night.. em Uh’ geetting high with the bros Mhm guys in one car deriving around a housing development 4Chan Smoking bros caught Cops close call
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Flawless Victory

Screencapped from a thread I started last night.

em Uh’
geetting high with the bros
Mhm guys in one car
deriving around a housing development
eonly roads, no houses yet
muddy is drifting with this many people in the car
ewe are sliding hard making a ton of noise
edreva up the hill to the top
amid smokeduk look down the hill and see a cop rolling into the development
wbout loo yards away
eone guy books it down the hill into the woods
stash my weed and pipe in the seat cushion
muddy stashes his
ewe turn the car on and turn around to leave
ecoi pulls in front of us
fgets out
eccles over
ewhat are you doing
eget out
erhere' s the guy who ran?
idunno. his name' s Kevin, he' s a weird dude
ecoi yells out, kev comes back
dcupcakes our IDs
eno warrants
eyou guys look high as **** , been smoking tonight?
m not going to cite any ofyou, just give me the rest and smash your pipe
igive him two empty bags, smash a ****** pipe
erhere' s the weed?
ewe smoked it all-..
eyou look like you smoked it all
aalright. i' m going to let you kids off, but there' s an expert trained Dull sheriff on this mountain tonight. i don' t want you driving for at least an hour until you' re straight. stay up here, chill out, but DC) NOT drive for an
ehe leaves
bleave five minutes later
ewe had over an ounce between us and like eight pieces
Hooking poor has never paid off so well
I Anonymous "ll/ or/ eh/ Z")
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Submitted: 11/08/2013
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