Fine peeople, indeed.. . I FATAL Sayanything (/ 09( Sun) 14: 39 No. 4878401 OK. Basically I have a deal with my players. Ifthey buy the books fer me. every few  Fine peeople indeed I FATAL Sayanything (/ 09( Sun) 14: 39 No 4878401 OK Basically have a deal with my players Ifthey buy the books fer me every few
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Fine peeople, indeed.

I FATAL Sayanything (/ 09( Sun) 14: 39 No. 4878401
OK. Basically I have a deal with my players.
Ifthey buy the books fer me. every few months I will run ANY System they want with a tailored
Ive done old dusty LE based games. to the wildest DEE! SS.
Marthe end ofthis month a new book will be arriving-. FATAL. Ive only heard a little bit about it. and
Ive done a bit of research en it.
What I want to know hem // is this..-
Have any here even actually played it, and if SC), what are its true pres and cons?
ddon' t expect to run the game fer mere then 2 er 3 weeks. but Id still like to be as prepared as I can be, and while net reviews are , Id
rather hear first hand hem people whe have played a system before.
1" know, a group pf players actually once tried to talk me into running Fatal fer them ence. I didn' t know them that well, just met
them through an ad at my gaming store. Se this guy Dave (names changed to protect the guilty) was apparently their
spokesperson and I asked him about the kind they wanted to play.
Whoo boy.
Dave himself played an elven warrior with a 15" wide anus (apparently he relied fer this). He had a fat whale of a girlfriend called
Mary who had another elf, except some sen of , whise vagina could only held at inches worth of penetration. I shit you
not, they made a point of telling me this. Apparently she had also relied fer all sens of other bizarre details, like nipples a full inch
long and two inches wide, on breasts that were only A cup. I tried to explain this sen pf stuff could be left up to the player, as she
abviously disliked this character' s appearance, but she wouldnt have any pf it.
Anyway, there was also Chris and Stephen. Chris and motherfucking Stephen. They had both rolled "Anakie", seme sort of
race like tiepin's. The players themselves were a little tee young and horny (especially when around eachother), but
they made great effen to impress upon me their characters' special gifts. Chris' little monster made babies scream, and when he
teached them they had to shit, piss, and vomit all at price. I think he liked to fuck them afterwards. Stephen' s sorry excuse fer a
tiering had a penis ever five feet Iing- I checked the book, I swear it' s passible. It ' been longer even. Oh, and his character
with the giant penis? She was called Anastasia E} -
When I asked them about what sen of adventures they' d like to do, they basically began to describe raping Mary. Not the
character per , just Mary. And take a dump on her chest and god knows what else. The peer girl must' been brainwashed or
just starved fer human contact, because she seemed to put up with it rather than kicking their asses.
Chris was just about to ask me ifi minded to scenes where he' d fuck vomitting babies, when Ijust couldn' t take anymore
and shouted, "Who the fuck are you people?"
And they exclaimed: "We' re The Aristocrats["
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Great version of the aristocrats.
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