Epic thread. from my collextion edit: worth reading it. We 1332421147 grag»[ 85 KB, 650x540. png) D Anonymous no ) 03/ 22/ ) 08 59 or No 388376486 es Have you g anal rape stimul
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Epic thread

Epic thread. from my collextion edit: worth reading it. We 1332421147 grag»[ 85 KB, 650x540. png) D Anonymous no ) 03/ 22/ ) 08 59 or No 388376486 es Have you g

from my collextion
edit: worth reading it

We 1332421147 grag»[ 85 KB, 650x540. png)
D Anonymous no ) 03/ 22/ ) 08 59 or No 388376486
es Have you guys ever anally raped thm way? 1 mean, lay on the ground on plastic baggs (in mcdon), put broomstick anus
use lube), put other end wall, push thm end of broom against the wall wth Then start slang on plastic baggs by
bending and someone else wouldhave you You can also stimulate maples at the same (we as you are hands
q D Anonymous no ') 03/ 59 47 No 388376452
We 1332421187 pug-( 96 KB, 668x548, pm
no you ever use superglue to gamethe bottom to you pubes, cut hole on top walk We that
g. a "V as you can? My record one week, condom started to bad at tho pom!
D Anonymous on ) 83/ 22/ 12( 88 35 No 388376517
We 1332421235 pug-( 62 KB, , pug)
Have you overdressed ? lwoa mus wouldhave mu anus, sucked my cock, stimulated maples mm some
101015 and put lube all my my body The closest 1 got so Mr was using mks Wed broken broomstick's l my homemade
to the pedals (o the way Is on pct When 1 am on l 1 Jump wth my butt so 1 get anus raped and as 1 rotate pedals, gum; back and ferth
alitle 1 have to take cave by St/ l not even close to my dream
D Anonymous on ') 03/ ) 09 81 13 No 388376571
We 1332421273 KB, 550x540, pm
when 1 have , buy the plastic sheets usedto , my latter them, duct tape my
anus neck and bottom part, 1 also make are no Waterholes Then 1 sht myself and pee and on 11001 1 have metall my me It' s we warm
l and mas touch actually It' s we , shower, ortho plastic and put anothe bag my neighbour once seen my
throuhg plastic bag wth can
D Anonymous on ') _ u) 09 81 49 No 388376613
We 1332421309 KB, , pm
A in Have you guys ever looks sht on your hand, and waned '/ 1116615 Sht really son sometimes and warm also has some food
has winch goes more ussually by shlong on we hand move, and using l as lube to Mp Usually all my pubes we covered wth sht when Int done
D Anonymous [ID ') ( 82 25 No 388376658
We 1332421345 KB, 650x540, pm
as? Do you know that fyou make alitle hole we condom that you blew a load, and an sucking I, spam come out as a tbom? It' s really funny when you
have foamy starman mouth 1 usually then spt l on my chest and ups my maples 1 usually do ths when watching w, makes l at least
D Anonymous no ) ) 09 82 35 No 388376667
Ths mead causes me no but the ingenuity displayed admirable
D Anonymous no ) 83/ 22/ 12( 82 57 No 388376687
We 1332421377 KB, 668x548, " pm
Have you ever wed to up way that spam goes straght to ’ Halways dd t the tradional way, wth Eggs the 311 was really uncontrolable, as 1
had at beasta hand supposing my body Ths summer 1 wed to put my Eggs on the bed, and l was way better, there was intension, no physical paw
and my both hands we nee now Just amp, when you lay on ground, have a between bed and up ofyour head When you put Eggs on bed ths gap
reappear 1 st/ l dont know winch body movement makes t happen
D Anonymous [ID ') 83/ 22/ 12( 83 28 No 388376734
We 1332421408 pug-( KB, 6688648, png)
Have you averted around yam cock gust below glans) andthe other end to you to stimulate pews It' s a
loads comm; when 1 do that sometimes 1 a We to both hands and feet make my pews stimulated all
D Anonymous no ) 83/ 22712( 83 32 No 388376742
We 1332421412 KB, 418x380, 1267891574169 png)
D Anonymous on ) 83/ 22/ 12( 8419 No 388376797
We 1332421459 KB, 668x548, pm
1 buy was , although 1 We to make fun of l Usually 1 choose the , snaiiy some ofthem we Then
hands we usually shaking when they touch pack When 1 plan some and buy 117125, duct tape, condoms and superglue, 1 We to put on
Q my face, and lck planing to have some o, dipers, but 111 wattah buying them out outhouse supplies Ths be
D Anonymous no ') 83/ 22/ 12( 89 53 No 388377246
As tbr my childhood, 1 have some stones too wwas goingto beach we men summer, and 1 was always 901719 out wth sunburn on my back It' s because 1 was aradia lay on back
case Later 1 started to Mpo woods dose to beach to relive denson 1 got caught by strangers Once 1 ddnt mince 1 have spam on my belly when 1 came back to
smell so 1 went to water wwas capping only lake on, but 1 tink ppl notaced wwas standing there wth focused we shaking my hand underwater we
funny when about l now
D Anonymous on ') 83/ 22/ 12( 12 82 No 388377418
Also at some 1 was curious about condoms, but 1 was too scared to ask a So once used condom on lawn 1 packed l wth my on and put on boot
Then 1 walked away to place where nobody could see me and packed l upto nose tthought l smells funny then my hands got all duty so 1 (New l away
D Anonymous on ') : 16 31 No 388377762
We 1332422191 KB, 660x540, png)
Ah 1 about one army Wynn what to cap. anus, buttong want to all hard preparatory, ,
wound I, and plastic bag on l (one Waite carry Te plastic bag on bottom, put lots on l Then Just put pence's end between drawer
and t' s doors 1 usually put somethang ham agaist doors so l doesnt move Ths way you get a d/ do stacking out at the we combinable 19715101, andas easy to
get of everyting when you' done, , throw away the bag, and penal
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