Dick-move. Fresh off of 4chan. Just saved it. SC) earlier in my ene kid get run ever by a car. (i hear it was pretty nasty, kind like a video of it would have e


Fresh off of 4chan. Just saved it

SC) earlier in my ene kid get run ever by a car. (i hear it was pretty nasty, kind like a video of it would have ended up in a site like this, nasty).
SC) anyway en graduation haythere was going to be a speech given bethere two girls about him in his memery- (keep in mind this is a crowd of ever TOO graduates and their
fakies plus 15th school the dean and some other important people). the speech, Julieta Fernando, a rather heavy mexican girl
stumbles ever seme of herder's and proceeds to utter "oh **** " followed by anither louder "OH **** " in responce to **** up. I, along with the undergraduates are
new laughing hysterically, and through my lel' ing i see the dean commence a slew and painful facepalm- literally en the :) or laughing now. the etherlord is gene, probabbly
just stepped effete stage as to not be associated with the gigantic faux pas. rightfully so because out hem the crowd fays a cup of red refreshment and hits her square in the
chest, making a nice big red stain en graduation robe.
fast forward 5 years: [continued]
Cl Anonymous () 01: 03: 50 No/ 380887287
at the 5 beardless reunion, i see her atthe punch bowl, pudgy as ever, and proceed to put my ceil face on and engage her in conversation. i start out with the typical "[ how have you
been?" so we talk fer a good 10 minutes until graduation raers its head in conversation.
here' s my chance
we are still standing bythe puch bowl so i pour myselfe nice big cup, which i assumed was hawiian punch. we continue talking. anxiously looking he my excuse to execute my plan, and when i leek down i see my
shoelace on my saade kicks was untied. perfect. i take a solitary step forward and intentionally trip en my shoelace sending the contents of my cup flying at my target. ************* bullsheet. in responce to this i
say "oh **** 'trip again and spill more' OH **** " the second time nearly at the top of my lungs. her entire chest is covered in punch. everyine without fail is glaring at me and the cruel joke ijust played and as if on
cue BURSTS into hysterical laughter, as did i. she is highly embarrassed and blushes heavily, puts both hands on her mouth as afte keep the shame hem gushing hem all orifices and then runs butthe nearest exit
crying. all the while evryone is still pointing and laughing.
ive gone to every reunion since.
knever saw her again
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#3 - gaikang (02/13/2012) [-]
This is horrible, yet I find it so hilarious.
This is horrible, yet I find it so hilarious.
User avatar #4 - mrkickasscomedy (02/14/2012) [-]
WHAT A DICK but still funny
User avatar #6 - pussyslayer (02/14/2012) [-]
tooooo far haha
User avatar #5 - hotspace (02/14/2012) [-]
/b/ the gentlemen of the internet
User avatar #1 - alienant (02/13/2012) [-]
i lol'd so much
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