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User avatar #9 - Meshuggah (07/26/2013) [-]
basically impossible to get boners on x.
User avatar #118 to #9 - rieskimo (07/27/2013) [-]
I find it difficult to get boners on, but I wouldn't go saying that nobody can get a boner on it.
#51 to #9 - Ken M (07/27/2013) [-]
Getting a hard on is easy busting your nut is the mission
User avatar #48 to #9 - dilorenzoj (07/27/2013) [-]
I can get boners on x, but I've got mad shrinkage.
User avatar #28 to #9 - toastiepie (07/27/2013) [-]
I like your name
User avatar #16 to #9 - sanguinesolitude (07/27/2013) [-]
gotta stay well hydrated. but yeah if you drop a bunch, not some pussy dose, its really hard to get it up.
User avatar #15 to #9 - GnRNoD (07/27/2013) [-]
What are you talking about?
I don't get boners on my own when on X but if I'm dancing with some chick or making out or something I can't get it to go down.
User avatar #14 to #9 - Faz (07/26/2013) [-]
No its not.
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