Anon vs The US Military. I your mom last night faggots!. File: -( 90 KB, , potatosalad, jpg) Boy, do I have a story fer you ml its me must left a warpzone out i 4Chan greentext COD funny

Anon vs The US Military

I ****** your mom last night faggots!

File: -( 90 KB, , potatosalad, jpg)
Boy, do I have a story fer you ml
its me
must left a warpzone out in the middle east
Carazy ****
sin my squad fighting effete Americans
re doing good, shot up like at American troops in a few minutes nofighting
get a call hearing the LLB. is sending in special forces to out villages
and my are not that worried
We had tari' q on the EU. and my boy Muhammad with a Dragunov, and his brother Muhammad with his trusty rpk
seems good and caim. just finished polishing effete . squad
ewe see a chopper land effin the distance
Llooks like a full squad of snipers
the distance we here "I ****** your mem last night faggets"
Aaround twenty year old kids cemo running straight at us
shatter all the winders in em buildings
Forensically started spraying as ene affa building making a 360 and hitting tari' q in the head with his intervention _-MIG
demon child then screeches " ******* noobs, me pussy"
all start running me and the Muhammad brothers
rd see out ofthe Lerner of my eye all the kids tea bagging tari' q' s still warm cerise
flying by us
fiucking lag, quit cheating you stupid ******* "
Umuhammad is crying while his brother is in shackle shock hem these ***********
mills we are about to make it to the truck I notice ene ofthe mini troopers pulling out his - Barrett
picks off both the Muhammad brothers
and dogs start scattering everywhere in the confusion hem the high pitched wees
squeaker squad is screaming in excitement hem the victory
kl escape in all the confusion
Hm about 20 miles away when I see an explosion in the distance
Appearently em intel said something about ene ofthem having 25 kills? And ordered a WMD en their ewn position?
LLB. military is ******* crazy man
Anonymous ( Sun)
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CoD in a nutshell
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Not using google ultron?
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shekel shock... top ****** kek
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