Alpha as Fuck 3. Don't you hate it when your ass catches on fire?. File: -( 21 KB, 506x316, iceman. jpg} llh) y./ n we of my meal pub's. watching my friends ban alpha as fuck

Alpha as Fuck 3

Don't you hate it when your ass catches on fire?

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File: -( 21 KB, 506x316, iceman. jpg}
llh) y./ n we of my meal pub's. watching my friends band perform,
an old schnel pub. bikers. tattoed goth chicks. etc
atching the band do its thing. chilling Lip at the. bar drinking same Stella
Tthats We girls infront offs. 1 is a 2./ 10 chubby bitch. the other is a 75/ 10 but only because she wears m muich make Lip
around start talking ta my female friend. my female friend doesn' t knowwhere girls and is a little freaked out at why
theyre being m friendly
tthey introduce themselves to me to my female friend. the chubby ugly ene cames and wraps her arm, around me
kl freeze wifis happening man. liest wanna drink beer and watch bands and **** .
Hm not interested in the slightest m I just keep watching the band. ignoring this chubby cunts advances
klhe shouts in my ear "Hey. liest met yeti. and this is crazy. but heres my number. m call me maybe"
kl smash a bottle aver her head
biker cames ever and smashes a steel aver rall/ head
kl fall to the flam"
kl grab a conveniently placed crowbar (?,fathe ground
kl stand Lip and smash him mend the face with it
khe drops like a bitch
Aanother guy thrives a battle at me
kl duck it hits anither guy behind me
behind me gees ape **** and thrives a steel at the other guy -'
playfight ensues
******* try and jump me and take my bag of chicken '
kl ******** all Lip and shew he mercy
kylar maid starts ******* cite ofthe *******
biker gang starts tearing the place apart
Attleast 7 people an the floor either dead er out cold
a throwing knife fly past my face
a ginger ema kid in the eye
unch a biker in the. face
aver speghetti
an broken glass
from my ass
dripping everywehere
a cc) catain get thrawn through the winder
instantly ignites my ass bleed because its 30% oil because we been daing shots cf cooking all forthe calories
kdzt bulk
kw-‘ hale place catches an fire
kl get thrawn out the winder
indian kids outside wiping his ass with his hand
Padlocks at the indians
armed ****** militia cames rolling dawn in with guns an the. back
kthey men fire
bounces affa packet of speghetti that i keep in my pocket fer emergencies
kl get the **** out outhere
keell /fit/ about it
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Submitted: 04/29/2012
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