A tard story. found it on 4chan a while back. enjoy. I laughed a bit too hard at this, thanks for the vivid imagery. My only dealings with mental people are spa
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A tard story

found it on 4chan a while back.

I laughed a bit too hard at this, thanks for the vivid imagery. My only dealings with mental people are sparse-
we on the bus
ea class full artards come in, they are about 12 years old
son loud, fat retard keeps asking dumb questions, his minder has agod damn will effron, I salute
sshe answers his dumb questions,
woe ofthe tards starts what can only be described as 'whooping'
aanother starts crying for it to stop
spuddenly stops crying, laughs, then starts whooping too
spuddenly all the tards are whooping
Hm sittingwhale surrounded by a symphony , siren imitations and animal noises
ait' s getting louder and louder and the minder's) are trying their best to calm down the tards
oi can see the bus driver is Bolling his tits off
Huck, its my stop hell yes!
met off bus walk away and the sound diminishes-.. then gets louder
robe bus drives past and overtakes me, the sound goes really goddamn loud as it comes beside me then Tipplers out of existence
oi look around, everyone has stopped dead in to stare as the whoopmobile fades into the sunset
I will never forget you, .
I realize nobody at the next bus stop down the road got on the bus
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Submitted: 01/02/2012
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User avatar #1 - wombathqo (01/02/2012) [-]
i fell off my chair at the image of tards making zoidberg noises and screaming surrounding one normal kid.
#3 - AnthraxNapkin has deleted their comment [-]
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