cOOLiO. . 19. Bigfruit Need to memorize a lengthy number? analyzes the numbering provides all ofthe options you could want as a mnemonic device. mats all there
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19. Bigfruit
Need to memorize a lengthy number? analyzes the
numbering provides all ofthe options you could want as a
mnemonic device. mats all there is to it, since (unfortunately)
they only provide this tor numbers and not words.
20. Mindoro's
There are countless blocs that you can engoy tor being
interesting and mildly useful, but how many ofthem actually
help you with your career? Mindoro's is a biog that teaches you
what they call ‘practical career skills" that you can apply at your
job. This is a great daily read for workers who want
to make a great impression, and the variety or topics and
advice provided make this is at fantastic bookmark for anyone
wanting to excel.
21. Learn Street
For Learners For Teachers
Want to take your coding skills to the next level? Learn Street
helps teach you how to use advanced coding scripts such as
Javascript, Python and Ruby without making your head
explode. l even provides a service for helping you teach
advanced code to others.
22, Howstuffworks
f ammo w,
There are things we want to know about and then there are
things we didn' t know we wanted to know about.
Howstuffworks addresses the latter by providing information
on a variety of topics and eyeopener's has that will broaden
your horizons.
23, The World Fatback
Did you know that the out has information on pretty much
everything in the world? Okay, but did you know that they make
a ton of this information open to the public? The World
Fastback is your godsend for research, allowing you to one
facts and details that pertain to a seemingly endless amount of
information from reputable sources.
Example searches
gauge :
tma Edwin we
Finding a great dictionary is not a difficult task in a world full of
search engines, but it can be tricky to define more complicated
words and phrases that most dictionaries (besides
don' t attempt to define, With , you
can find multiple definitions witam numerous dictionaries in one
place, even it you' re looking up a phrase that is obscure or too
specific fur normal dictionaries to help you out with.
Dom let the name fool you, " is tar front a
website that will make you lazy. Crouching lets you connect
with travelers all overhue world and is the ultimate resource for
experiencing , Put simply, you can use the social
network to meet locals in a new community you are visiting.
You can also open up your home to fellow :, giving
you the chance to make new experiences and memories with
resonating people from all overhue globe.
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"Advanced coding scripts" - Javascript, Python, Ruby
Then what are "non-advanced coding scripts"? BASIC?
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thats gay like your mom
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