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(03/10/2014) [-]
Worst movie adapted from a book or comic you've seen

thus far, Justice League: War was the worst I've seen yet... in the sense that it was bad, by nothing more than shitting on every character we grew to love or like. Green Lantern was the only good thing about it but they still changed his character to fit Ryan's portrayal of him, instead of using the comic book version... which is, I'll admit, boring... Batman has never been so OP, Superman's a douche, WW was a mindless warrior and more like a kid than anything else, Shazzam was a brat instead of the bigger boy scout between him and Superman that I grew up with, the Flash barely did anything with almost no character development, Cyborg was probably the only character I liked except for the stupid decision to pull out an obviously unstable contraption because he was pissed off... and finally, Superman was a Superdouche... the kind of alpha minus male that most comic book readers hate, including myself. He was an asshole with powers and the Superman costume... Man of Steel was a better Superman than him. Hell, Superman from Returns was better, and for me the best Superman I've seen put on film thus far. Disclaimer: I haven't seen the 70s Superman movies because they aged as well as milk... back to War, SPOILERS, Superman fucking murders a guy in cold blood with zero regret. He wasn't himself, but for fuck's sake, at least use that and say he punched Darkseid harder for making him kill! Hell, it didn't even fucking make sense! Why did he go against DeSaad in the first place?! GOD I HATE THIS MOVIE!!

Runners up are Thor, both of them (the second one trying its hardest to be a mix between LoTR and Star Wars and failing miserably), Captain America, and the first Hulk movie, all on the grounds that they make the ultimate film sin. They're forgettable. To be fair, I also disliked the Avengers on the same ground. Love to watch it cause it's fun as hell, but I won't remember a thing the next day except a punchline.
User avatar #1962 to #1880 - HailtotheKing
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(03/13/2014) [-]
Jonah Hex, hands down for me.

I've bitched about that movie on this board before and I will continue to again here.

If you haven't read the books allow me to explain the character of Jonah Hex a bit. Hex is the prototypical cowboy, riding from town to town collecting bounties and doing some small odd jobs for some cash. He has an awful past filled with death, heartbreak, betrayal, excommunication from his his adopted family, and really anything else that you can think of. Yet he moves on from that, trying to just live his "new" life as best he can. He's an asshole but he's that kind of asshole you want in your life. The kind that is polite when he has to be and the biggest dick in the world when he needs to be. I love the character and the stories he's in (seriously, if you haven't heard of it look up the current run "Guns and Gotham". If's phenomenal.) but more than anything I can do a lot of reflection on myself and who I really want to be in this world.

And then the movie.

Take everything I just said, all of it, and throw it into a flaming trashcan made of the hopes and dreams of fans everywhere. The character isn't complex or layered, he's just some guy out for revenge with a scared face. He isn't an asshole anymore he's just edgy and brooding which makes him seem like a child. He has these ridiculous powers to bring back the dead that attempt to bring some interest to the neutered character but all it does is take away what made the comic great. Hex didn't have powers, he did everything by either talking or shooting and in most cases both. He was a womanizer but he was at least nice to the girls he slept with and didn't treat them like shit which the movie acts like he does.

I'm sorry if I'm not picking or explaining this in a bad way but that movie takes me down mental notches until I just feel reptilian.
User avatar #1943 to #1880 - samxdaxman
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(03/12/2014) [-]
Either Percy Jackson and the Olympians, or Eragon.
In the Percy Jackson movie, they completely butchered the plot of the story. It's ok to take creative liberties and all, but they barely stayed true to the plot at all. First off, in the books, the characters are like, 12, yet here they're like 16 or so. Second, the characters designs were fucked(Annabeth's supposed to be a blonde, Grover isn't black, etc.). Oh, AND YOU LEFT OUT THE MAIN VILLAIN. It wasn't Hades who stole it, he wasn't even slightly evil in the first book.
TL;DR the PJatO movie sucked elephant dick.

I can't rant about Eragon as much since I don't really remember it that well, just that it was very forgettable.
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Ender's Game.
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(03/11/2014) [-]
Spawn is my favorite comic, but holy fuck did they butcher him in that film.
#1916 to #1905 - anon id: 9409fe6f
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(03/11/2014) [-]
You know there's an animated series, right? The episodes are on youtube
User avatar #1917 to #1916 - millennial
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Yeah, but I never watched them. Are they any good?
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(03/11/2014) [-]
User avatar #1919 to #1918 - millennial
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Hell yeah dude.
and if you're the same anon who's always commenting on superhero related things, you should make a profile so we actually know who you are