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Anyone into voice acting? I've noticed I can't really do that many voices and could use some help... and my acting could use some practice, too... as a fair warning, it currently takes me up to 2h to edit a 4 minute video, so I won't be doing that many a month, plus low interest isn't boosting my desire to make that many for starters. If you think you've nailed down a voice, or just want to have a little fun with the idea, feel free to contact me. Basically what you would be doing is sending me the audio and I'll do the rest. I'll promote your channel or twitter or whatever you want as thanks, though don't expect any boost since this isn't that popular. I'm doing it for fun and hopefully to promote comics, so don't expect money either... I'm a horrible salesman...
At the moment, I got Batman and Superman reserved for myself (I'm having a hard time making them sound different so if you can do any of them better, you have the part) and Harley for my girlfriend.

it's comic book related; didn't really know where else this topic would fit