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Okay, so mainly because I'm bored, I will write here the idea I have been molding for two years now for my first (series) of books. First of all, I'm sorry if I make mispells. English is not my mother tongue. I called them "Last": Last, the Mist; Last, the Blade (in my language "blade" equals "leaf") and Last, the Flame.

In short, I created a mix of a dark fantasy world with not-so dark. It's not the classical type, either (paladins and such), even that there are wizards.
The world (I still haven't decided how it was created) was first habited by the Dharavan (or the Makers), who didn't molded it, but rather created the races that would live in it. They made the animals, and created almighty dragons to serve as rulers for them.
The dragons were made of stone and wind, and through their veins molten gold flew. They were born in this hollow world, and through eras, they served their masters to mold the mountains and create the skies. The greatest of all of them fell into a deep slumber, and turned themselves into mountains.
After creating other races, the Dharavan saw how their creations, not immortal like the dragons, perished into the harsh world in which they were born.
Thus, the Creators planted the seeds of the Great Trees, and life began to bloom as they grew. Forests started to rise around them, and the first of all the civilized races, the Ehul, were born and lived between their roots. They spent a great time in that state, living with the first creatures, hunting and taking care of the trees. Meanwhile, the Dharavan travelled to the East to plant more seeds, and to create new races.
While the Ehul were made of wood and leaves like their beloved trees, the Dharavan began to use something more perishable: dragons were immortal and Ehul had long-live spans, and that worried the Dharavan. The world might be overpopulated, and that would be a reason for war.
And thus they started to create races of non-intelligent animals with flesh and bone.
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After the animals, the Creators decided to make another intelligent race to continue their work: they made the humans from clay and water from the First River, that after exposing to the sun turned into flesh and bones. The humans began being a little race, without claws or hide to defend themselves to foes and cold; the Creators thought that they wouldn't survive.
But against all expectations, humans proved to be more creative and intelligent that their ancestors, the Ehul: they created little communities, they crafted weapons and molded the earth to make an easier living.
The Creators said: "Our work is done. The humans will live in this world, and, even if we will keep a vigilance on them for a time, they will end up being the ones that will control the other races".

But then, some of the dragons returned from their tasks. The skies were clean by that time, and the sun shone with the glow of their flames. But they started to hate the Ehul and the humans. They were born in a harsh, cruel world, knowing any comfort or love by their Creators. Only the thoughest survived (the dragons can't die of age, but can die of starvation or can be killed), and the other races where treated with privileges. The Dharavan showed predilection towards that little, weak creatures.
And thus the dragons began to grow their hatred against the mortals. But still, they were wise and old, and decided that their hate wasn't a reason to destroy them. It wasn't their fault.

But after thousands of years, the humans progressed, and made contact with dragons. They thaught the humans in the way of forging weapons, and these crafted jewels for the dragons. Until the humans discovered, for they horror, that the dragons were gifted with immortality.
Death, you see, was a thing that only humans knew. And they feared it. The dragons gave them cryptic reasons for their long livespan, reasons that they invented. It was a payback.
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And thus, dragons lied to humans and told them that their blood and their scales where the source of their immortality.
And with this, it began the Age of Decay. The humans mined into their bodies while they slept, trying to discover a way to make themselves immortals. They ended up killing some of the most ancient dragons, when they reached to their golden heart and began to extract it.
The dragons nearly wiped out humanity in response. Even the Ehul, who weren't aware of any of this events, suffered the fury of the First Borns.

The Dharavan were keeping their vigilance on those events, and thus decided to give their last gift to the world. They took the clay of the riverside of the First River, but didn't put any water in it. They mixed it with their own blood.
A new race of men was born with that blood. A race of stout, fiery men. Created with a purpose, and granted with the same treats of their creator: they were immune to fire.
Also, their soul was different. Men were coward, and feared the dragons.
They, even if they were risking their lives, faced them without fear.
In legends they are called "The Forged Ones", and the massacre of dragons they made is still sung in taverns and told in tales. They created the world as we know it today, turning the dead dragons into mountains.
The oldest of all the dragons, Kvalar, destroyed the World's Peak, and the waters of The First River mixed with the impurity of the earth. It's water overflowed the world, and was only stopped when Kvalar sacrificed itself to plug the source with it's own body. The great plains of the world turned into the Seas, and only the highest peaks remained as the world we know today.

At the end, and to shorten it, the Forged Ones slayed so many dragons that they decided to retreat to their point of origin: the northen wastes, an endless plain of stone and ashes, a true hell on earth, without live, cold or warmth, without sun or water.

And then began the Age of Man. (I will stop here)
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Sounds inspired by Dark Souls.
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