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#3111741 - mrcrowleysr (02/12/2013) [-]
haii, mai name is christian. and people think im on crack or some kinda weird kind of drug xD. they think im crazy in the brain ;o im not im just a blonde xD lolol :3 so dont get scared! lolol i like unicorns and weird things and i love zombies and anything dark :D because i think its pretty O___O in a weird boner like way ;D well as you can see i make alot of faces so oh yea fap to dis ;o and dis *3* oh yea jizz everywhere im a perv i like being weird and perv like xD lol im a unicorn! i live in never land wanna see my horn c;? haha you wish wanna talk or stalk me and know more about me ;D just ask! otay well baii's c;
#3111830 to #3111741 - EllieMuffin (02/12/2013) [-]
That hurts to read and comprehend.
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