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(02/07/2013) [-]
Probably my last post here and forever.

This is about garymotherfinoak.

You are a complete failure. A faggot among faggots. You can't come to
the conclusion that you have nothing left for you in your life. You claim
your life is shit, that you shouldn't pay your mom, that you weed ruined your
life, that you want to fuck ponies, ect. The list goes on about how sad you and your life is.

But what it really is, is that you are just a whining faggot who only wants attention.
(as if it wasn't already known)
Yet you keep on going, as if you had some kind of meaning. Face it. You can't
even take a moment and think "Hey, I have a place to stay at, I should be happy"
You can't even do that. I went through being homeless, being bullied, loosing almost
everything, and look at me. I stopped feeling sorry formyself and stopped being
crying like a baby, picked my shit up, and did something about it.

I now have everything i've wanted. A nice family who pays for me to live, a house, and
extra things for my happiness. Take a note you worthless shit, you need to stop being
a complete faggot and do something about it, rather than avoiding your problems like a bitch, and face them head on. But I bet you can't even come to terms with that, and you'll just use some lame insult, and wait for the onslaught of auto green thumbs, and avoid the situation more.

Bye worthless cunt.