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(12/15/2012) [-]
Alright, you dumb fucking Americans. Both left-wings and right-wings. The right-wings tend to view all muslims as terrorists. While the left-wings blindly replies with "not all terrorists are muslim". Now, you dumb fucks want to know how to spot a fucking terrorist out of the billion fucking muslims? Simple as fuck. Islam have several GROUPS of believers. Those groups believe different parts of the Qu'ran. Ill just mention the two biggest groups nao, who make up about 75% of muslim groups.
Now, the Sunni muslims... Those guys are way moar peaceful than any christian fucking group you'll ever find. They believe in love and all that bullshit. And their countries aren't complete fucking chaotic. Saudi-Arabia, The United Arab Emirates.. All ruled by Sunnis.
And, the Shia muslims... The Shias believe in holy war. Jihad. It does NOT fucking matter if the Shia muslim is a 12 year old girl or a 60 year old man. They believe the same parts of the Qu'ran. They believe every non-muslim deserves death. The Shias also run countries such as Iran and Libya. Taliban is also a Shia-based islamic group.
Alright. The Shia muslims and the Sunnis are mortal fucking enemies. And by that, I don't mean like the fucking conservatives and liberals. I mean, they'll fucking kill eachother.
So, Amerifags.. About 30% of muslims believe that you should die. The remaining 70% are just like you and me.
Now discuss, you dumbfucks.
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