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#1341473 - shrike (09/29/2012) [-]
How's it feel to be the gayest board on the internet? You are all gay men who cannot contain your own faggotry. Your faggotry is limitless. Your faggotry is stronger than the white hot flames of Fabio. Your anus is wider than the almighty door of the heavens which you must use to masturbate with. Your crave for majestic penis is stronger than your love for majestic penis. Your infinite throat is famed across the world of the internet for being able to hold, so many dicks. Your rectum is legendary. Your ability to please men with such dignity and grace is astounding. How one manages to be so gay must only be the cause of ponies. These ponies have infiltrated your minds and increased your gayness ability TEN FOLD! The rest of the internet is in awe by your legendary achievements in the an science of gay. Your contributions in gay are the greatest advancements to ever happen to the fabulous internet world. Your inventions for your sick gayness has inspired young fabulous people everywhere. I salute you bronies and your gayness. May your gayness advance mankind for centuries. gayspeed.
User avatar #1341491 to #1341473 - phanact (09/29/2012) [-]
show me ur dick fgt
#1341487 to #1341473 - daniboyi (09/29/2012) [-]
You would think gay board was the gayest board.
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