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#18653 - lospuglet
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(11/29/2012) [-]
okay. this weirdo alienchick is missing her clothes or something like that. help? i have no idea what to add. clothes/scales/...?

oh. and no nsfw, she has no nipples
#18667 to #18653 - shawaddy
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(11/29/2012) [-]
I think some clothing would be good to give her a less fantasy feel. Right now she reminds me of a nymph or a sprite instead of an alien chick. But if you like scales, I'd say to keep the clothing organic and streamline.

If I were to clothe her, I'd personally use the Steambot Studios 'Exodyssey' book as a reference point for the clothing to keep it organic and creepy (The gasmask hints towards this already). Google the name of it if you like, but it's not all about aliens.

Here's a snippet from the book, the part I'm talking about. It's a symmetrical feel but still organic and could work as parts for clothing and skin.

farm4.staticflickr Dawt com/3539/343670115133b4b5961dz.jpg