apTITude. .. I request sauce terriblepicture
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#2 - ganjalf ONLINE (01/27/2014) [+] (4 replies)
I request sauce
I request sauce
#5 to #2 - doomtaker (01/27/2014) [-]
to go with what the other guy said said, the game was unfinished upon release, they ran out of money midway through development and had to package it and sell it as is, they managed a full , hilarious story. but its painfully obvious the game wasn't completed through and through. I would only hesitantly recommend it if you have a lot of patience and are willing to put up with a lot of the terribleness that comes with doing so. That said, the story, i find, is a hilarious deconstruction of the console wars. (all the characters in the game are humanized versions of different game consoles and game companies) I have heard the 2 sequel games are much much better though. none of the stories are connected to each other (in plot relevance anyways) so check those out instead, same great humor, far better gameplay
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