anon loves to fap. . Hello ml, I have a greentext story to share with you. This week, I have witnessed a level of spaghetti that I thought only exists in khan g fap Anon 4chin

anon loves to fap

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Hello ml, I have a greentext story to share with you. This week, I have witnessed a level of spaghetti that I thought only exists in khan greentexts.
as a supervisor at an office job.
employee arrived on monday, lets call him Brad
first he seemed like a pretty regular guy, although a bit chubby and he didn' t dress that well. He also tried to avoid eye contact, and there was just something about his expression that left me with a feeling that hes not all there.
first day offord, I call him to my office and give him aome guidelines and tell him to go find an empty cubicle. (there were like 5 free cubicles and they weren' t really hard to spot)
Aaround 40 mine later he comes back and tells me he can' t find a cubicle. So I point one out for him.
Peeople me he had been walking in circles around the office melt! mine.
bathrooms are pretty close to my office, and whenever I see him go to the bathroom he goes to the women' s one. (they are for I person)
day, women in the office start to complain because the women' s toilet is always occupied. Brad seems to be spending most of his time there actually.
Milne girl, looking ******* horrified, tells me that audible fapping noises can be heard there. Brad is always there for like mine at a time.
this point he hasn' t really done any work, he spends his time mostly fapping and staring at things it seems.
eBay 3, see a group ofa women is listening to Brad fapping and looking angry. Decide its time to do something.
him to my office and tell him he really ien' t what we are looking for at the moment, and that he is fired. Shake his hand and say in finding your next job
winstead beleaving right away he ghee to the bathroom.
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Submitted: 08/21/2014
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User avatar #4 - Einsty ONLINE (08/22/2014) [-]
>shake his hand
That's a bit gross, when you think about it.
User avatar #1 - goobyman (08/21/2014) [+] (2 replies)
technically, this is spaghetti only found in a greentext... because it is one.
User avatar #2 to #1 - greentext (08/21/2014) [-]
How did you know, I had spaghetti for dinner?
#9 - jaymeelu (08/22/2014) [-]
>Fires him for fapping too much
>Still shakes his hand

Dats nasty.
#7 - CakemanRPG (08/22/2014) [-]
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#6 - nmurphy (08/22/2014) [-]
<-women standing outside the restroom
<-women standing outside the restroom
User avatar #10 - kumimono ONLINE (08/22/2014) [-]
Cubicles are hard.
#8 - anonymous (08/22/2014) [-]
**anonymous rolled image** wat
#5 - samxdaxman (08/22/2014) [-]
I get the feeling Brad goes on 4chan too.
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