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#380567 - borsalino
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(12/12/2012) [-]
This week's Naruto was exceptionally good, the last 2-3 pages took me by surprise, to say the least!

Anyways, im going to get some grub, I'll be back soon, while im away.. hmm..
Ah yeah, top 5 animes, reason for each anime's position and the biggest flaw of each one in your honest opinion, so instead of a normal, boring list like:
1. One Piece
2. Spice & Wolf
3. Fate Zero
4. Full Metal Brochemist
5. Aoi No Bungaku: K.
It will look like this:
1. One Piece, I really like the general setting, Oda is a genius when it comes to storywriting and most of the characters are exceptionally good. It beats the other 4 by a large margin, truth be told, it has spot 1-5, but ey!
The biggest flaw of One Piece is all the useless humor in it. It's worthless, ruins the better parts to a certain extent and takes away the intensity completely.

2. Spice & Wolf, once again, I like the general setting, the story itself is flawless and many of the characters are great, really. But it does have some flaws, overall I find it to be the best lovestory ever told.
The biggest flaw of Spice & Wolf oughta be the first arc in season 2.

3. Fate Zero, mainly, no, purely because of Iskander. I love the fuck out of that man! The biggest flaw of Fate Zero oughta be the power system, it's more broken than your mother's anal dildo.

4. Full Metal Brochemist, the plot itself is near flawless in my opinion, but the characters themself? Not so much. They're funny, yeah, but besides Wrath I never really.. loved any of the characters.

5. Aoi No Bungaku: Kokoro, Kokoro is easily my favorite part of Aoi No Bungaku, mainly because of K. This guy is the biggest bro I have ever seen in any Anime since I started watching it, and when you find out the truth.. fucking hell, he lived a beautiful life.

Also ask me anything.
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User avatar #380645 to #380567 - Riukanojutsu
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(12/12/2012) [-]
1:sora no woto
4: Sankarea
5:School Days

dont feel like explaining every single one of them, though i wouldnt mind answering precise questions
#380613 to #380567 - hewenttojareds
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(12/12/2012) [-]
1. Baccano: i just love the idea of how everyone is either the main character or none of them are and how the story takes place in the 30s because i had a obsession with the Mafia back then, the biggest flaw would be if you started out Baccano then it would be confusing and you would stop watching it (i know because my teacher did that)

2. Mobile Fighter G Gundam: this was my very first big Anime and i loved every single bit of it as a kid and this probably influenced me to like Anime in the first place
the fights were way epic and i loved every single one of them and i dont think i can think up a flaw for this one except there are times when the main characters main move (Shining Finger Sword) was the most over powered move

3. Fooly Cooly: the OST, the art style, the unique characters whats not to love?
the biggest flaw was yes theres only 6 episodes but i liked it that way if there were more episodes then it would have felt like they were just trying to extend the series when it was already best to end it there and the plot was kinda vague (took me 3 re-watches to figure out he was basically hitting puberty)

4: Welcome to the NHK: i liked this one because this felt like the most realistic Slice of Life ive seen (or read) there were some moments that made me hard to watch, the biggest flaw was the art style and how Misaki is more innocent in the Anime i would have liked it better if she was more like her Manga counterpart but thats just me

5. Mirai Nikki: despite what everyone says i loved Mirai Nikki because of it i got back into Anime, the biggest flaw on it was the ending
User avatar #380608 to #380567 - yeorgh
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(12/12/2012) [-]
By the way are you reading the Gintama manga?
#380609 to #380608 - borsalino
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(12/12/2012) [-]
I don't, Gintama is the kind of show you must enjoy in Anime, you know?
#380610 to #380609 - yeorgh
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(12/12/2012) [-]
I see, well things are going to get good this week well hopefully with Sougo vs Gintoki.
#380584 to #380567 - yeorgh
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(12/12/2012) [-]
Gintama: I like the comedy and the fights are great but it can get a bit repetitive and boring over time.

Sengoku Basara: The fights are amazing and Date keeps it funny enough with his engrish but it can get a bit too much on the homo side at least for me.

Yu Yu Hakusho: It's just fucking awesome but i guess some arcs were a bit lacking in the fighting and weren't as good overall and i didn't liked the ending.

Rurouni Kenshin: Can't find any flaws.
#380575 to #380567 - lawuser
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(12/12/2012) [-]
1) Gurren Lagann - This is my favourite simply because I have not been as entertained by any anime ever. Maybe with the exception og Welcome to the NHK, but it has enough flaws to not be my favourite. I like the animation, the artwork, the soundtrack, everything. I can even get behind all the stupid writing and the deus ex machinas becuase it's in the spirit of the show. People who can't look beyond that are taking it way too seriously, which is the one thing you can't do with Gurren Lagann.
Biggest flaw is, well, two things: the characters are kind of shallow and the fanbase is cancer.

2) Welcome to the NHK - It's pretty damn hillarious, and I can relate to the characters a lot. Also what MillionsKvinves said with the exception of the OST-thing.
Flaw: animation and also the "pyramid scheme" arc, if you can call it that. I felt it was unnecessary and it really showcased all characters as morons.

3) Mushishi - It's pretty and all the different stories it has to tell are all unique and fascinating.
Flaw: It doesn't have a satisfying conclusion, in my opinion. Other than that I don't think it has any.

4) Berserk - This is hard for me to descripe why I like it because I really only realized how much I liked it a week after I had completed it. But I guess the story is good, the soundtrack is the best I have ever heard and Guts entertains me to no end.
Biggest flaw: This is obvious: ITS LACK OF AN ENDING - if you've watched the show you know what I mean

5) Baccano! - Every single character is enjoyable and I'm having a blast watching it.
Biggest flaw: Dunno - I guess there's little character development, but it's limited what you can do with only 13 episodes and a cast that large.
User avatar #380574 to #380567 - xenophaigus
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(12/12/2012) [-]
This was actually pretty damn hard to do.
1. Clannad - No anime ever before has ever made me feel the way Clannad does.
The flaw is that in order to include most of the VN routes, they created them to be in a linear fashion.
2. Broken Blade - This anime reanimates my long lost love for mecha anime.
The flaw is that the end doesn't match the manga very well.
3. Elfen Lied - This was my first chop em up anime. Loved the dramatic elements that came into play along with the actiony bits. I can't really think of a flaw for this one, though I'm sure it has one somewhere
4. Dragonball Z - My favorite pasttime as a kid. I remember watching it on toonami midnight run. Couldn't get enough of all the fighting and cool beams and stuff. The flaw is quite obvious, the postponing of events.
5. Mushi-Shi or Sword art Online
Mushi Shi - This is a perfect relaxing anime, great for that time when you need to just relax. The flaw is it's non linear story.
SAO - The concept of a full integration virtual reality is just so appealing that I couldn't help but like it. The flaw is that it feels a bit generic. Guy meets girl, he falls in love, she gets kidnapped and he stops at nothing to save her.
User avatar #390974 to #380574 - sao
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(12/18/2012) [-]
If you want to keep that full integration virtual reality thing you could always check out the .hack series. They have a very different feel from SAO, but it's not a bad one.
User avatar #390979 to #390974 - xenophaigus
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(12/18/2012) [-]
I tried the .hack series awhile ago. Didnt get very far before it stoppedairing. Ill start it up again sometime when I have free time
#380570 to #380567 - MillionsKnives
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(12/12/2012) [-]
1. Welcome to the NHK: One word, relatable. I have felt the pain of the author, and therefore, even though it was almost painful to watch, there has been no other anime that has gotten to be like this before. The OST is tied for my favorite in all of anime.
Biggest flaw would probably be the art. A quarter of the time it didn't even look like they were trying.

2. Nichijou: This show leaves me in stitches every time I watch it. Extremely likable characters, and wonderful little side sketches. It really is too bad it isn't going to get another season.
Biggest flaw would be that some jokes go way over my head, because they were aimed at a Japanese audience.

3. Tatami Galaxy: I love the art, the story, hell, just about everything. It also has (obviously in my opinion) the best 2 episodes in all of anime with its ending.
Biggest flaw...this is actually a hard one. Possibly that they speak too fast?

4. Azumanga Daioh: My first pure Slice of Life anime, and nothing tops it in that respect. Every character (yes, even Tomo) is extremely likable...I don't even know how to put it, I just love it, and was almost in tears when I finished it.
Biggest flaw is that there is not enough of it.

5. Dennou Coil: I just absolutely loved the world they were in. It was accessible, yet still science fiction, meaning a Sci-Fi show that could actually be possible in our generation.
Biggest flaw is that it took almost half the season to actually start the main plot.

Texhnolyze is actually in the running if I continue enjoying (well, I suppose that is the wrong word) it as much as I am.

You liked Kokoro the most, eh? I absolutely loved No Longer Human.