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#153974 - shadowalchemist (08/19/2012) [-]
I don't know about you guys but I really enjoy anime where the guys have no idea how to act around girls, I just watch Yukkii drown because Yuno's boobs were too close and I lolled heartily
User avatar #154075 to #153974 - chatpads (08/19/2012) [-]
May I ask what anime that would be?
#154080 to #154075 - shadowalchemist (08/19/2012) [-]
Mirai Nikki, not a Harem...it's psychological and horror, which is why I appreiciated the humor
User avatar #154125 to #154080 - smashingprodigy (08/19/2012) [-]
I recently started watching Mirai Nikki and I feel that the very little humor that it has is more well done than some "comedy" animes. I don't know, is that just me? It could be that I just didn't expect any humor out of it, which is why I found it so funny?
#155178 to #154125 - shadowalchemist (08/19/2012) [-]
it's pretty good, not amazing though
User avatar #155537 to #155178 - smashingprodigy (08/19/2012) [-]
No, of course not.

I just think some animes should not try so hard on the humor if the joke wasn't meant to cause laughter while others cause at least some chuckling without even an attempt.
#154084 to #154080 - chatpads (08/19/2012) [-]
Damn, I was hoping for a harem.
I've watched all of the good ones.
thanks though.
#154087 to #154084 - shadowalchemist (08/19/2012) [-]
have you seen Rosario + Vampire? or High School of the Dead?
User avatar #154088 to #154087 - chatpads (08/19/2012) [-]
Is High School of the Dead considered a harem?
I looked into a bit but going off of ANN it didn't say it was a harem.
& Yeah I've seen R+V.
#154092 to #154088 - shadowalchemist (08/19/2012) [-]
HSOTD isn't really but due to the massive amounts of fan service it basically is...watch episode 3 that episode is a harem episode
User avatar #153980 to #153974 - irmcmuffin (08/19/2012) [-]
#154001 to #153980 - shadowalchemist (08/19/2012) [-]
well, I don't like the whole anime being about that but it sure works as good comic relief
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