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#90778 - tomoya
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(08/19/2013) [-]
My best friend is my cat. Even though I had her for only a year I love her like I've lived with her for a life time. Her name is lilly, she was the cutest kitten ever and when she was a kitten i played with her all day and she slept next to me all the time when i would watch a movie on the couch. Today i found her on the side of the road, she had been hit by a car. its so hard to type this but i need to vent. i bent down and closed her slightly open eyes with my hand gently and picked her up and i cried like i never have before, i hate this world, its so cruel. she was only a year old, she snuck out the door when somone went to go somewhere. Fuck most people. life is hell, i miss my kitty. i had expectations for the future me and her one day when i move out i would bring her with me because i hate being alone. just now i went to go call her for dinner time, broke down again. Anyone with a similar experience as me please share. im so lost right now. i just buried her and tried to say my goodbyes. life is hell.
Rest in peace lilly i love you.
this is the last picture i got of her sleeping on the couch.
User avatar #90906 to #90778 - proxytoxic
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(08/19/2013) [-]
I know exactly how you feel, honest. I have a lot of cats (more than I care to count!) but I love each of them with all of my heart. Some days I wake up wondering just how much love I hold for them when I truly know that there is no limit. But just as I have felt love I have also felt loss, probably much more than what I would hope any person my age will ever have to feel. There have been tremendous moments where I curse at the world for taking something so small and precious, where little kittens have literally died in my arms after spending entire summers just to try and save them. I have bawled my heart and soul out knowing that they have suffered and that I could not help. But sometimes, what we do is never enough and that's the worst feeling in the world, knowing that you can't save what is already gone. I am so, so sorry that your little kitty and best friend is gone. I'm so sorry for the pain and the sorrow that you have to endure. I wish I could tell you that everything happens for a reason, but I know that will never be enough (I've had it said to me many a time.) I only wish for you to know that there are many people who have felt as you do now, and I want to thank you for having a compassionate heart and opening your home to Lily. So please, please, please, from someone who has taken a hundred trips down the same road, understand that though Life is hell, it is also beautiful and mysterious. Cry your eyes out for the loss that you are bearing, but don't forget that there will be a time when you can at last smile from the memories that you and your best friend shared. From someone who relates, I wish the very best to you.
User avatar #90914 to #90906 - tomoya
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(08/20/2013) [-]
thanks for the kind words
means a whole lot.
User avatar #90782 to #90778 - teoberry
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(08/19/2013) [-]
Shit, don't know what to say. That sucks for you.