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alright so i was hanging out with this girl (lets call her A) and she went on a walk with me and kinda completely put me on the spot and made out with me. it was kinda nice but i only had a bit of feelings for her cause she wasn't that attractive. She said she really, really liked me and i didnt really know what to say. the next three days we were supposed to hang out, she bailed on me, then apologized, but i already really didnt like her. next night i was hanging with a few friends and this girl (lets call this one B) and i had known B for a while but never really got to know her as a person. earlier B said she found me attractive, but she's kinda slutty and fucks a lot of guys. one thing lead to another with my arm around B and we made out. I wasn't thinking about A at this time, and i didnt know that B was good friends with A, but i really liked B a lot more than i did A, because she's nicer and more attractive and less awkward. when i got home from that night i told A i didnt like her on facebook because i didnt want to lead her on any longer since i really liked B. fast forward to earlier tonight; I was with both B and A and A wasn't touching me or anything like she usually would, same with B, but she was with her friend who liked me and because i was only with B for one night i wasnt suprised. A ended up leaving so i figured id do some shit with B,but she was really high and she wouldnt let me talk to her or calm her down. she acted like this for 3 hours to the point where i got really pissed off. got home, talked to A on facebook and shit and cleared things up, everything turned out to be alright, but i really want some more time with B. how do i make things normal with her again? sorry for the long read. tl;dr: how do i get a girl to think im not playing her with multiple girls and to like me.