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User avatar #41146 - ryanicoletti (12/04/2012) [-]
Hey guys i have a problem and need some advice.
I graduated high school this past summer and while i was in high school, i wasn't necessarily a loser, but i wasn't popular either. Recently the 'popular' kids at my old high school have started hanging out with me, they constantly call me and ask me to go out to parties and other shit with them, i even got lucky a few times with a couple of these popular sluts. point is, I'm not really sure how comfortable i feel around this crowd. I don't even understand why or how they started hanging out with me in the first place.
I guess my question is, how do I handle this new found popularity? And why do I feel so uncomfortable around it?
#41176 to #41146 - hedder (12/05/2012) [-]
if you need any other help, or questions, dont be afraid to just shoot me a message
User avatar #41184 to #41176 - ryanicoletti (12/05/2012) [-]
Thanks for the advice man, I think I'm gonna take a break from these guys for a while. I need to hang with my old friends, haven't seen them in a while. Feel like a shitty friend because i've been blowing them off.
#41186 to #41184 - hedder (12/05/2012) [-]
sure. never forget about your old friends who were there for you bro. they're the ones that helped you out
User avatar #41191 to #41186 - ryanicoletti (12/05/2012) [-]
very true. Thanks again bro!
#41151 to #41146 - hedder (12/04/2012) [-]
well, just be yourself, obviously if you feel uncomfortable something is defiently wrong. your common sense is right 90% of the time. dont lose your values and mroals, and don't let them change who YOU are as a person.
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