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#41097 - elkhemist (12/04/2012) [-]
does anyone have any good ways that I can make myself not end up doing my homework at the last minute? because seriously, I dont understand any of this, and its too late to get help...

but, just in case I can get help; "A vehicle of a mass 1000kg travels at 12m/s and slows to rest in 3s by the application of its brakes. The resistance to motion is 400N. what is 1) the total slowing force, and b) the force supplied by the brakes"
Can someone tell me what is going on here and what I'm supposed to do? I've got like 10 of these questions...
User avatar #41241 to #41097 - esunaproxy (12/05/2012) [-]
No one on FJ does their homework on time I guess. I'd be interested in some steps to help me not be so lazy with homework. I'm 21 in college now and still lazy as fuck. Got a sick job lined up so I guess it doesn't matter too much..
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