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User avatar #38045 - GeorgeTheHax (11/19/2012) [-]
Hey guys, I got an AMI on the 27th, I gotta run a mile and I can baraley do a lap. what do
User avatar #38059 to #38045 - HURLEYSURFERDUDE (11/19/2012) [-]
Start off by waking up whenever. You can run in the morning or afternoon, night runs are ghey because you gotta wear clothing that makes you hard to hit with a car and shit......

Eat something non-dairy affiliated, eat a banana, and drink some water with two pinches of salt in it (your body needs salt to keep water in your muscles to prevent being sore or causing shin splints) and then drink some more water. wait an hour, then just go jogging. bring your ipod or whatever wear some loosefitting gym shorts. try to lightly jog a mile without stopping, if you feel tired motivate yourself maybe have a friend do it with you. If you can jog a mile straight then work on speed, step up the pace!

Ive started running to help train for the Marine corps, I havent ran in two years and although im musclular build it was a btich to get started. I started with run/walking two miles every other day but now ive started to just keep at a steady pace and i got used to it/better at it in about a week. But run 3 days out of the week and keep up the salt intake (seriously just a tiny bit too much could make your fucking kidneys shut down).

do this until the run and I promise youll kick that mile's ass. Running sucks bro i wont lie but if you do this it wont suck as hard.
#38058 to #38045 - chubbylittlemonkey (11/19/2012) [-]
Make an effort to run around the course without stopping to take a breath every day. On the first day, pace and time yourself in order to know just about where you're at. You should keep increasing your speed every other day or so. Remember to rest at least once a week, so mondays if you start today, but always be consistent in your jogging. Because it's on the 27th, I doubt you'll place first but I think that you'll be much better then you are today if you have a good diet and keep practicing.
#38046 to #38045 - redpandas (11/19/2012) [-]
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