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User avatar #37613 - gingerfuntime (11/17/2012) [-]
So my girlfriend admitted to cutting herself after 3 months and promising me never to do it again. Wat do.
User avatar #38029 to #37613 - churrundo (11/19/2012) [-]
i would try to make her release that tension through sex
#37614 to #37613 - chubbylittlemonkey (11/17/2012) [-]
Elaborate. Did she stop cutting and promise not to do it for 3 months and then did it again? Or you guys have been dating for three months and she promised you not to cut herself?
User avatar #37616 to #37614 - gingerfuntime (11/17/2012) [-]
No, I caught her cutting three months ago, and I abhor that shit to like the highest degree. We talked about it and she said she'd stop for good. But today's our 11 month anniversary so it hasn't just been the time we were dating.
#37618 to #37616 - chubbylittlemonkey (11/17/2012) [-]
Do you know why she cuts? Maybe you should sit doen and talk to her about it. If all else fails go to a shrink with her.
User avatar #37620 to #37618 - gingerfuntime (11/17/2012) [-]
I tried to talk to her and figure out why, but she won't open up. All she says is that "I don't need to know".
#37621 to #37620 - chubbylittlemonkey (11/17/2012) [-]
That's not good. Encourage her to, remind her that she promised not to cut herself.
User avatar #37622 to #37621 - gingerfuntime (11/17/2012) [-]
I've tried but she won't return my texts or calls and, honestly, I'm scared for her.
#37624 to #37622 - chubbylittlemonkey (11/17/2012) [-]
What. So this is a long distance relationship?
User avatar #37626 to #37624 - gingerfuntime (11/17/2012) [-]
No, I'm just not with her at the moment
#37627 to #37626 - chubbylittlemonkey (11/17/2012) [-]
Oh, when you get the chance to be alone insist for her to talk to you about it. Tell her you're worried and that you love her.
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