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User avatar #37410 - baconrider (11/16/2012) [-]
Alright. I know I've been on here alot. And my problems have been kinda, easy to handle... But, well. My grandmother has Cancer and my mom is going into depression....
User avatar #37451 to #37410 - smashingprodigy (11/16/2012) [-]
I am very sorry to hear that. I know my advice will sound generic and obvious, but just show them that you care and love them very much.
User avatar #37411 to #37410 - contaminatedwin (11/16/2012) [-]
My grandpa died when I was thirteen and I've never seen my mom cry like that. Now my grandma lives alone and I haven't heard about her in a while, but last I heard, she was going into depression due to his death. Every time we visit her, she looks so happy, but when it's time for us to leave, I can see her holding back tears. Sometimes, she just can't hold it and we have to leave her like that. Just know that you're not the only one with problems like that. It tends to help me cope with it.
User avatar #37412 to #37411 - baconrider (11/16/2012) [-]
My condolences, sir.
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