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User avatar #37024 - tiagodisouza ONLINE (11/14/2012) [-]
So fj... i need to vent... i need to talk and i need some advice... and i dont wanna do anything stupid
here goes:
I'm 19, quit school because my mom couldnt afford the books, bus passes, food everyday without making my other brother and sister go without their stuff, i'm currently looking for a job but to no avail... I can barely pay the bills much less put food on the table, I starve nearly everymonth, I dumped my girlfriend after because i didn't actually love her somehow and I'm finding it hard to even feel bad about it seeing as i find my life bad enough the only comfort i find is in the computer where i have music ... music calms me down somehow... and so does drawing ... but when i'm done everything suddenly crashes on me... my family is not united, and i feel so alone everyday its like i'm lost... like i dont belong anywhere somedays i just wanna dissapear and never come back, i feel so dead inside... I haven't been happy in years
User avatar #37025 to #37024 - tiagodisouza ONLINE (11/14/2012) [-]
I dont even have friends.... i have maybe 1 or 2 people i can call friends and even them went away from me... i wanna reach out to something and hold on to it and i cant.. i feel so lost and hopeless i have no idea what to do i just wanna find courage to keep going somewhere.. I'm so lost i find myself crying right before falling asleep maybe my dad left when i was 2 because he didnt like me? i wonder what he does in his life or if he ever thinks about me.. i think about him ... sorry for the long rant i'm not gonna bother you guys anymore
User avatar #37051 to #37025 - herbolifee (11/14/2012) [-]
I'm sorry to hear that bro. I know exactly how you feel with the "i wanna reach out to something and hold on to it and i cant". Sorry you have to go through that.

If you ever wanna talk, feel free to add me. I'm usually online at some point in the day.
User avatar #37027 to #37025 - loveyameanish (11/14/2012) [-]
I know your feel about a lot of that. If you need someone to talk to, I'm here everyday. :)
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