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User avatar #27274 - tehrealfluttershy (09/17/2012) [-]
I've got a 12 oz bottle of nyquil. If I drink like 1/2 of it will I have any terribly serious symptoms?
User avatar #27296 to #27274 - rageisfunny (09/17/2012) [-]
That shit can be dangerous my friend.
User avatar #27276 to #27275 - tehrealfluttershy (09/17/2012) [-]
I mean is it gonna kill me?
User avatar #27277 to #27276 - suppgurl (09/17/2012) [-]
i dunno, but i wouldnt do it. will probably start puking maybe get aids its all relative

will probably upset your stomach alot and for hours
User avatar #27278 to #27277 - tehrealfluttershy (09/17/2012) [-]
Damn... I have a friend who says it's pretty great to drink a good bit of it but he's is asleep and I dunno how much he drinks of it.
User avatar #27279 to #27278 - suppgurl (09/17/2012) [-]
what to use as a sedative or what
User avatar #27280 to #27279 - tehrealfluttershy (09/17/2012) [-]
Gets you kinda high and to help with sleep. I am terrible insomnia problems just like the rest of the internet and most things don't work for me.
User avatar #27283 to #27280 - teoberry (09/17/2012) [-]
fap. it's good for sleep, trust me
User avatar #27281 to #27280 - suppgurl (09/17/2012) [-]
masturbate, then if you are still awake after that then take twice the recommended dosage. then wait and see. if it doesn't work then take tea and try 2.5 times the recommended dose. dont take it twice in the same night you know?
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