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Hello everyone, like most of everyone, I too have a relationship-related problem. Not with the loving and being loved back part, but with the fact that after 2 and a half years of living together (we both moved out of our parent's houses and shacked up together), my now-ex-boyfriend thinks we should live apart. At first he said "I think we should take a break away from living together for 3-6 months" and I was pretty shocked. I kept my cool though, didn't cry didn't yell or anything. I had felt the same thing a while ago after all (I just thought after thinking that while it's nice to live by yourself I was glad to have such an awesome person with me). But I did ask him if he really wanted to keep dating, just being apart or if he was just trying to segway me into breaking up. After a little talking he had to go to work, and when he returned he said he had thought about it, and that we should probably "take a break from the relationship too". Kudos to me for putting that idea in his head right? So the next day I started looking for a place and packed up all my things. But he kept acting all lovey dovey at me. It's like he wants his cake and wants to eat it too. I don't really hold any contempt for him, and he's still acting in love with me, even though in the same sentence he said "I love you, I hope this doesn't sound juvenile but I want to change my facebook status".
**I'm a little scared to legitimately move out by myself, he's been a part of my life for so long. I know what he's doing is completely unfair to me, wanting to break up with me but still using me as an emotional crutch. He says that we should start dating in a few months and that he's not going to date anyone else and I shouldn't either. But how can I just move back in and act like he didn't rip my heart out and ask me to leave my own house? But I do still care for him so much it's nearly impossible to say "I love you too" when he says it to me.
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