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(08/13/2012) [-]
yet another hopeless romantic in need of advice, please read brethren

i posted this a while ago and didnt get much luck;
"In a pickle here. I've met a girl through a mutual friend before a couple of times, she's pretty shy and lets face it i'm no womaniser so not much happened. she seemed sweet and is really pretty but i'll need a third testy to say something at the time.

time passes and i haven't seen her in a year, and i notice she posts a song on fb which i love. she posts another a couple of days later. i take a peek at her profile and it turns out we have so much in common.

I'm lost for words, she has intellect, good taste in music, good taste in humour, shes extremely pretty, nice bum may i say and big blue eyes to die for... my perfect girl gone before my eyes because i have no balls. well done anon.

any advice would be greatly appreciated, but talking to her out of the blue will be too weird and i haven't spoke to any mutual friends since leaving college one year ago. what do? sorry about the long post, see you later cityschlacker. "

things have progressed, i was out on the town and whenever i seen a girl with with the seem features i looked to see if it was her...

then it happened i hear a voice and i turn round, boom there she is in my face "say something" my mind was screaming at me but i justr froze, she never seen me, and spotted her friends and went off in their direction, i had missed my chance so my gaze returned to the bottom of my drink,

i'm trying to get confidence to talk to ther at the weekend, but i dont know what to say, is "oh hey do you want a drink" alright, i'm so lost

please help my brothers
User avatar #19992 to #19975 - immatrollyoupoo
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(08/13/2012) [-]
Don't be scared, really there's nothing to mess up here. You'll be surprised with yourself, just go and talk to her.
User avatar #19983 to #19975 - Deeticky
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(08/13/2012) [-]
I used to be in the same boat as you brother, many, many times before. Your biggest problem here is that you have fallen in love with the girl before even dating her. That has never worked out for me. Maybe you will have better luck, but I say to you; If this doesn't work, you need to move on, and next time you see a girl that interests you you need to make a move right away. This is what the "Alphas"do, and as much as I despise the "Alphas" it does work. It worked for me! Even if it seems like you won't like the girl at first, give it time and you will grow to love her 'cause she's all yours.
User avatar #19976 to #19975 - kennymcgoverick
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(08/13/2012) [-]
next time you see her (either through your mutual friend or in the street, ask her if she'd like to get coffee, or whatever it is you young scalawags are into these days, sometime.
Not much of a womanizer maself but the worst that could happen is a polite no or a "Is it alright if my boyfriend comes with?"