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User avatar #19757 - samxdaxman (08/12/2012) [-]
theres one girl who i like but i dont want to. i value her too much and cant hold down a relationship for my life. she doesnt live near me anymore (she moved). i dont know if she likes me or not but when she lived near she was sorta touchy feely and still says i love you a lot(maybe as a brother, maybe something more). again, idk if she likes me, she doesnt live near me and i value our friendship too much to lose her.
#19774 to #19757 - anonymous (08/12/2012) [-]
well if all else fails, go the mythbusters route... c4
#19760 to #19757 - anonymous (08/12/2012) [-]
honestly what the fuck kind of advice do you seek?!?!?!
do what you can
we can't help you
1 we don't have the details
2 you are who you are don't make other people make important decisions for your life
User avatar #19765 to #19760 - samxdaxman (08/12/2012) [-]
I'm not asking for what to do, im asking for advice. i want to hear peoples opinion on this, I'm not just gonna follow whatever people tell me to do.
#19814 to #19765 - bigralf (08/12/2012) [-]
have you kissed her yet? when shes touchy feely and says i love you quit being a bitch and kiss her
User avatar #19829 to #19814 - samxdaxman (08/12/2012) [-]
Well like i said, she's 14 hours away from me. The only time i can see her is on Skype.
#19854 to #19829 - anonymous (08/12/2012) [-]
14 hours lo
good luck with that
#19792 to #19765 - chubbylittlemonkey (08/12/2012) [-]
Just stay friends until you REALLY like her.
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