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User avatar #129129 - zanekin (4 hours ago) [-]
Single for the first time in over 5 years…
What do?
How does one be single? haha
Also any attempts at cheering me up are appreciated as well
User avatar #129131 to #129129 - usarmyexplain (2 hours ago) [-]
You are finally free to post nudes in nsfw
#129119 - evanomicfour (5 hours ago) [-]
So I have this ridiculously hot, 11/10 brown haired, green eyed, absolute bombshell of a girl all over my McJohnson and fries. The bad news, the chick is 16. I'm fucking 21. What do? Seriously, I don't want to go to jail, but my cock might really defeat me on this one. This chick has read 50 Shades of Gray ONE TIME and she's ready to pelvicly destroy any man that walks within a 12 foot radius. Fj has failed me many times before, probably more times than you have helped me. But please fellow junkers, what do?
So I have this ridiculously hot, 11/10 brown haired, green eyed, absolute bombshell of a girl all over my McJohnson and fries. The bad news, the chick is 16. I'm fucking 21. What do? Seriously, I don't want to go to jail, but my cock might really defeat me on this one. This chick has read 50 Shades of Gray ONE TIME and she's ready to pelvicly destroy any man that walks within a 12 foot radius. Fj has failed me many times before, probably more times than you have helped me. But please fellow junkers, what do?
#129132 to #129119 - minutes (2 hours ago) [-]
Well where i live it would be legal, but even if I lived in america, i would do it. I mean how big are the chances that you will get caught? Taking risks is what makes life exciting. What do you later wanna think about? How you could've fucked her or how you did fuck her?
User avatar #129126 to #129119 - adviceguy (4 hours ago) [-]
You will have so much more fun with a 7/10 21 year old than a 11/10 16 year old. Just trust me on this one.
User avatar #129125 to #129119 - Nameloc (5 hours ago) [-]

Although in the same sense, do it while you have the chance.
Just be sure no one will find out and that you have proof it was consensual.
Just don't get her preggers, bro.
#129120 to #129119 - slantedvanity (5 hours ago) [-]
Wait till she turns 18, no brainer.
Wait till she turns 18, no brainer.
#129107 - Tyranitar (7 hours ago) [-]
Here is a currently-going story of morals I could use some help on.

My brother, who is in like a billion clubs and stuff, auditioned for and got a spot in a play a few months ago. It's just some crap murder mystery the director wrote herself in like 2 hours, but he was excited for it. Anyway, he had to fill in a sheet about scheduling conflicts, so they would know if someone couldn't make it due to an event. My brother has been in robotics club all year, and their tournament is next Saturday. Knowing this months in advance, my bro put it on the list to ask that there be no rehearsal on this date.

He works really hard for this play, attending every rehearsal and pretty much being a kiss-ass to the director. Well, the play is scheduled later for the Sunday AFTER the robotics tournament, which is no problem, as my brother will just do them both. However, here is where the shit hits the fan.

Today, my brother gets a text from the director. Because of the play being on Sunday, there is a mandatory dress rehearsal on Saturday. The director tells my brother to DROP OUT OF THE TOURNAMENT HE WORKED SO HARD FOR or else he must forfeit his role in the play. Obviously preferring to stick with the day he looked forward to most all year, he tells the director that he will be choosing it over the play. 5 minutes later, the bitch sends a swear-riddled rage text pretty much telling my bro to go fuck himself, he is a horrible person, he will never work a play in this town after this, etc. etc. and then SHE FUCKING SAYS HE SHOULD'VE PUT IT AS A SCHEDULE CONFLICT IF IT WAS SO IMPORTANT, WHICH HE FUCKING DID!!!!

My bro is near tears after this, my mom and dad are furious, but I just kinda stand there. But I have the worst reaction. When I'm this mad, I don't just yell for a moment and calm down. I went to the Internet and pretty much exploded all over this bitch's performance.

User avatar #129110 to #129107 - Tyranitar (6 hours ago) [-]
Pretty much, I told all my friends who intended to go not to even buy a ticket. I sort of ranted about it all over my Facebook to relatives. I got word to spread about this among my high school classmates, who are the largest target audience for the play. And I even posted that I'm willing to spoil the play using my brother's copy of the script (the director is dead-serious about keeping the victim and murderer in the play an absolute secret). And I was about to send a reply text without my brother's consent starting with something along the lines of "Cocksucking asswipe," but decided I had to draw a line somewhere.

But now the real trouble begins. I learned after this that this isn't just a regular old play. It's a fucking VFW charity play... So I just played a part in mangling an effort to raise money, for a support I cause, because of my uncontrollable anger at what the director did to my brother... Well, I suppose the play is already ruined since my brother, a major character, just jumped out after 6 weeks of rehearsal days before the play, but anyway...

Still, though, what do I do? It's not like I can just say "I was just kidding about the 'dildo-munching porn whore' comments, go see the play, it's for charity."
User avatar #129127 to #129110 - adviceguy (4 hours ago) [-]
Any human being who allows the actions of a single 14 year old to put them into such a rage needs to reevaluate their life. If it's such an issue for her then she should just let him be in the play without the rehearsal.
Her rage is the common practice of a Bitch not getting everything her way. Hopefully she compromises and apologizes and just lets your brother back into the play to make peace as well as save her own ass.
User avatar #129112 to #129110 - Tyranitar (6 hours ago) [-]
"support I cause........"
Cause I support, rather. I do a piss poor job at proofreading when I'm mad, sorry.
User avatar #129111 to #129110 - Tyranitar (6 hours ago) [-]
Oh, by the way, my brother is only 14. So it ain't like I'm flipping out because someone swore out an adult.

The nice, innocent kind of 14. Not the swearing, out of control rap music thug kind of 14 that most kids are.
User avatar #129115 to #129111 - TexMex ONLINE (6 hours ago) [-]
You did the right thing man. She's a bitch for being willing to lose money that is intended to be donated to charity just to act out her believed superiority against an innocent kid.
Do what you must to destroy that play, seriously if that happened to me I would do the same thing.
Also, if you still feel bad for the money the charity didn't get, I'd suggest you donate the amount of money that the ticket would cost yourself. (But you don't have to, just if you you need to for your own sake)
#129117 to #129115 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (6 hours ago) [-]
Not to mention most major charities only really spend 13% of the gross income towards the actual cause.
#129113 to #129111 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (6 hours ago) [-]
I wouldn't stress too much about ruining the play.

The director ruined it.
You're shitfacing the director, not the play.
It's best people know what type of person the director is; One that curses out and verbally attacks a teenager isn't someone who should be running a charity event.
The scheduling conflicts is due to her ignorance. Especially since they could have the rehearsal later that day or on Sunday. They could even let him skip rehearsal. But nope. Director couldn't have that.

You're not in the wrong. Your brother is not in the wrong. The director is in the wrong.
Now, I know this is from a biased standpoint, but the fact that she acted so arrogantly and so ignorantly shows that she should not be in charge of such a thing. It reminds me of the church I helped out when they fed the homeless. The person in charge was there only because she wanted recognition for the community service. She was no where near a religious person, yet played it up like no tomorrow. It was blatantly obvious she was Agnostic, and that she was just spewing crap from her mouth. That's where I drew the line and just quit helping there.
#129105 - DrProfessorPatrick (7 hours ago) [-]
Recently I've decided to try to lose some fat in order to slim down and boost my confidence. I'm about 5' 7" and weigh about 165 pounds. I lift for an hour or two, 5 days out of the week. I'm still unclear about what's the best way to slim down without losing muscle. So here are my questions:
1. From what friends have told me, doing intense running such as sprints are best rather than long distance running. Is this true?
2. Would a diet help with fat loss (eating more fruit and vegetables and less carbs and meat)?
3. Is it inevitable that i'll lose some muscle in the process or is there a way to lose fat and still retain the muscle i have now (or even improve my muscular build)?
4. I mainly want to target my stomach fat and sides. What exercises work best on those? Or does fat burn evenly through the whole body
I need as much help as I can get! Losing this fat will really give me the confidence boost I need to start doing better in life. Thanks guys!
User avatar #129128 to #129105 - adviceguy (4 hours ago) [-]
Long distance running and core workouts will be your friend. Swimming, biking, and other such activities are nice ways to remain entertained while working out your full body in a lean way.
Honestly "dieting" is such a subjective concept. Cutting out fried foods and soda can do a lot for weight loss. But one does not necessarily need to count calories or all of that intricate stuff. Especially at your described build. I'm an inch taller than you and around the same weight and i'm in great shape so I don't think you need to lose too much weight maybe 10 pounds at the most.
Do sit ups and side sit ups as well.
Side sit ups is referring to keeping your back flat and turning your legs so that you are on your hip and then sit up like normal. This is what helps you get the side abs as well as the regular set.

Sit up workouts with medicine balls also works well
and box jumps are good workout as well.
If you're trying to lose weight avoid things like bench and squatting. You'll get stronger but look about the same.
#129118 to #129105 - saltybanana (6 hours ago) [-]
Mr.Mudqaphacka is in dah hoouse!!

alright man i heard you build some muscle am i rite? okay den im guide you into the best advice i know to date been lifting for a full year so got a the lil bs thru

my advice
1) Stay away from the tredmill there buddy! i dont mean as if dont look at it or go on it let me tell you why hit the weights first hombre!
2!!)make a workout routine
ex. -(mon) chest day why mon cause you have the most energy to do push movements IMO
-(tue) leg day fav fucking day
-(wed) back and traps!
-(thur) shoulders
-(fri) arms/calves
3) id recommend to eat alil more protein at first to build muscle first
4) last but not least the weight loss part, jump rope, HIIT, and tredmill. best way to see results is to do it at the end of the workout with weights

pic related after atleast 4years
#129116 to #129105 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (6 hours ago) [-]
From my experience:

1) No. Working with Amazon Fulfillment and power-walking for 10-12hrs straight a day, I can tell you that going for the long-haul is much more promising than something quick. I used to try and run around my block every so often... with no results... Only because running around the block took under 7 minutes each lap. And I'd only do it like once or twice... Meanwhile at Amazon I walked 14+ miles a day. I still have calves of Steel from working there. So much more beneficial. Basically, the longer and slower you can do a workout, the better the results. This is true with most things, so when it comes to running for a short period of time but faster and running for a longer time... Running for the longer time is best. Also you need to expend that excess energy 'else you'll get cramps like a mofo. So after running, be sure to walk for a good 10 minutes.

2) YES. Control your diet. No fake "0 calories" stuff.

3) Not sure on this one, not enough experience, however I can tell you that the more muscle you gain the heavier you will be. Well, if you were to gain a LOT of muscle... Which is a good thing. You'd be transferring the weight from Fat to Muscle.

4) Again, not entirely experienced, although in general fat burns throughout the whole body. Muscle gain, however, is a different story.
I'm sure someone else could help you out with a routine/ better advice from experience.
Best experience I have was working at Amazon and power-walking for hours on end. (My calves are FREAKING HUGE now.)
User avatar #129090 - fishinyourface (9 hours ago) [-]
I just need to get this off my chest, it might be long but here's the situation. I used to be best friends with this girl, and she'd never been in a relationship before, neither have I. She was such a sweetheart, and we always shared laughs together, I loved hanging out with her. She also told me we'd be best friends forever, and we were real friends, even when we graduated. She would occasionally tell me about what kid of boyfriend she was looking for, which was a nice guy obviously, a little bit older than her, and with the same interests. Later she felt lonely but she never spoke to me about it, she always spoke to another girl who was more experienced in the relationship department, which is fine. it's been about 2 years since she's met this piece of shit at a night club. And he's a real douchebag. first of all, he's 33, 11 years older than her, and he has no job, and acts like a fucking 16 year old who just discovered alcohol and partying....I thought she would just learn from her mistakes when she asked him to be in a relationship with her, and he said no because she was too young/inexperienced. She was crying to another friend that night, and I Thought she would get over it and that's that. But it turns out she's still fucking talking to him....none of her friends like him, he's been drunk every single time we've met him, and he's done nothing but be a dick. Only ONE stupid cunt bitch encourages this behavior and that's because she's a stupid relationship whore who can't live a day in her life without being in a relationship. What broke my heart recently, is that I found out she fucked him for the first time, and yet....they're not in a relationship and she wonders why AND SHE STILL TALKS TO HIM. He's clearly using her for sex now because he can get that from her because she's a fucking idiot. What hurts me the most is that I'm finding this out from another friend who hates the douchebag. I mean...where the fuck is this going? because she's-
User avatar #129091 to #129090 - fishinyourface (9 hours ago) [-]
-the type to be idiotic enough to not use a condom or skip the pill and think "it'll be fine, he said he'd pull out." and I'm not going to deal with bullshit pregnancy scares. If she starts that shit I just....I'm so disappointed at this point, I don't even know, she's not the girl I knew before, she's changed so much for this cunt....why? just....WHY? also, in case you think I'm being a fedora-wearing neckbeard, I'm a girl, and she was my best friend and I feel like I've lost her now...
#129114 to #129091 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (6 hours ago) [-]
Drop her. She won't change. Not for a while. Not until it's too late.   
Changing someone's opinions is incredibly hard. It's the same reason why when you get into a relationship with someone, people will say "Oh you two are so perfect together, blah blah blah" and then when you break up they'll suddenly say "Yeah that person was ugly and stupid and retarded blah blah blah."   
Why do people do this? Because they know they can't change your opinion on something.   
And unfortunately, at this point... You can either choose to deal with it and support her, or you can drop all contact with her, or you can choose to simply confront her about it and tell her that it isn't a wise choice to date him. Because you won't ever be able to change her opinion and feelings towards that guy...   
The latter two options will obviously end the friendship... But unfortunately it's all you can do.   
Some things people have to just learn the hard way.
Drop her. She won't change. Not for a while. Not until it's too late.

Changing someone's opinions is incredibly hard. It's the same reason why when you get into a relationship with someone, people will say "Oh you two are so perfect together, blah blah blah" and then when you break up they'll suddenly say "Yeah that person was ugly and stupid and retarded blah blah blah."
Why do people do this? Because they know they can't change your opinion on something.

And unfortunately, at this point... You can either choose to deal with it and support her, or you can drop all contact with her, or you can choose to simply confront her about it and tell her that it isn't a wise choice to date him. Because you won't ever be able to change her opinion and feelings towards that guy...
The latter two options will obviously end the friendship... But unfortunately it's all you can do.

Some things people have to just learn the hard way.
User avatar #129096 to #129091 - marinepenguin (9 hours ago) [-]
Unfortunately people change as they get older, and not always for the better. If you can't stand seeing her with this guy who is clearly a terrible influence on her, then you need to make a decision on whether or not you want to be in her life.
User avatar #129098 to #129096 - fishinyourface (8 hours ago) [-]
it really sucks that she's this oblivious..
User avatar #129101 to #129098 - marinepenguin (8 hours ago) [-]
Sometimes people see something in others that they want, and they completely ignore any negative ramifications of being with that person. It sucks, I've been there. And honestly, that person who I've been friends with for years, is officially getting cut out of my life.

I made a hard decision which I think is for the better. You will too.
User avatar #129102 to #129101 - fishinyourface (8 hours ago) [-]
thank you, it really helps
User avatar #129103 to #129102 - marinepenguin (8 hours ago) [-]
User avatar #129095 to #129091 - hawaiianhappysauce (9 hours ago) [-]
Not your problem. If she wants to ruin her life then that's her fault. Move on.
User avatar #129094 to #129091 - lostminder (9 hours ago) [-]
damn that's messed up. sorry to hear about that. why don't you try hooking her up with someone your age? maybe that will help? im just trying to help
User avatar #129099 to #129094 - fishinyourface (8 hours ago) [-]
thanks for your reply, I appreciate it
User avatar #129100 to #129099 - lostminder (8 hours ago) [-]
i can't imagine how sucky it feels to have that happen to someone you care about
#129092 to #129091 - yourgaylol (9 hours ago) [-]
you should have eaten her out when you were young

made her your gf

you wouldve treated her right Caroline

now shes being raped by some man

fight the power
User avatar #129063 - smashingkills (10 hours ago) [-]
I need to house train two puppies soon or else I'll have to get rid of them. Any tips/help? I really want to keep these guys.
User avatar #129089 to #129063 - advicedude (9 hours ago) [-]
be mad at them when they don't pee in the pad. give them treats when they do.
#129072 to #129063 - yourgaylol (10 hours ago) [-]
Lock them in a room together with one knife.

Whichever puppy kills and eats the other will be hardened into a souless killing machine with no emotion.

That puppy will serve on your praetorian guard and will never piss on the carpet again.
#129074 to #129072 - Metallicock (10 hours ago) [-]
yes. perfect.
User avatar #129065 to #129063 - moarpotatos (10 hours ago) [-]
It takes a while in some cases, but there are three things you are going to want to keep in mind:
1. Walk them. Often. 15 minutes after eating, especially. Bring treats with you, and when they macht die Pisswasser or Scheiße outside, reward them.
2. Try to teach them that going inside is bad. If they pee or poop in the house, don't be too harsh but try to get the message across.
3. Consider using pee pads. When I got my second dog we first trained it to always go on the pads (which was actually quite easy) and then gradually it started only going outside.

Again, it can be frustrating and difficult, and sometimes take a while. But you'll get there eventually.
User avatar #129067 to #129065 - smashingkills (10 hours ago) [-]
I've been using Puppy Pads (Pee pads) for a bit now, they use them but the still will go to the bathroom everywhere else too. I'll try to take them out more often and try to be a bit more strict about them going inside, hopefully they pick it up. Thanks for the tips.
User avatar #129093 to #129067 - coconuthat (9 hours ago) [-]
Also take them to the spot they pooped in and tell them 'NO!" move the poop to the pee pads and let them smell it, give positive feed back and they'll learn that this is a place to poop all the time not just occasionally
#129058 - anonymous (11 hours ago) [-]
Fitness question!

What is the best workout you can do at home on a daily or bi-daily basis to get super toned, six pack abs? Ideally without crunches.
User avatar #129066 to #129058 - marinepenguin (10 hours ago) [-]
Contrary to popular belief abs is just a trait of having low body fat. Decrease your body fat while maintaining your muscle and you'll get a six pack.
User avatar #129059 to #129058 - saltybanana (11 hours ago) [-]
jump rope

do 30mins everymorning i gruantee a six pac
User avatar #129047 - huntergriff ONLINE (11 hours ago) [-]
does this seem legit? because....I could use the money.
You need to login to view this link
You need to login to view this link
#129062 to #129047 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (11 hours ago) [-]
Not legit.
If you really need the money, become an M-Turk.
You need to login to view this link

Also, for game-related jobs, search via:
You need to login to view this link
User avatar #129064 to #129062 - huntergriff ONLINE (10 hours ago) [-]
hm, what's an M-turk?
#129109 to #129064 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (6 hours ago) [-]
As the site says.

Large companies out-source to hundreds of thousands of people for small tasks.
The highest paying tasks on Amazon's Mechanical Turk website is audo-transcriptions. You're timed, but it's worth it.

And it is created by Amazon.
User avatar #129054 to #129047 - makotoitou (11 hours ago) [-]
As soon as I clicked the first link I got a spam ad for a $500 Amazon gift card

You tell me
User avatar #129056 to #129054 - huntergriff ONLINE (11 hours ago) [-]
strange, i never got it.
#129029 - anonymous (12 hours ago) [-]
i've been having thoughts about packing a few things and leaving
im 15, male, got good enough common sense to make it on my own.
i don't know why.
i love my family, i live in a middle class area, and i feel like an ungrateful POS for thinking of doing this to my parents, which honestly is the only thing holding me back.
i think i just feel couped up and too sheltered, "bored" i guess.

#129121 to #129029 - slantedvanity (5 hours ago) [-]
Don't move out unless you have a job or a source of income and able to handle a ton of responsibilities.
#129108 to #129029 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (6 hours ago) [-]
Moving out is a nice ideal and all.

Up until you realize decent apartments run for $900/ month and up, and your quickest job will be part time making $400/ month or less.
That's not even including utilities, food, clothes, etc.

Other than that your only option is really knowing good connections or becoming homeless.
User avatar #129097 to #129029 - hawaiianhappysauce (9 hours ago) [-]
I suggest you don't do that... It's these kind of decisions that you regret later.
#129075 to #129029 - yourgaylol (10 hours ago) [-]
lol you lil shit

go to bed
#129031 to #129029 - saltybanana (12 hours ago) [-]
why dont you try camping for a week i know theres a program that takes you away for a week in the woods.

id talk to your parents about this, it will help you more connected to them
#129036 to #129031 - anonymous (12 hours ago) [-]
i go camping all the time, i do sports, i honestly have no reason to want to leave
User avatar #129038 to #129036 - saltybanana (12 hours ago) [-]
try those military camping ones, youd enjoy it
#129043 to #129038 - anonymous (12 hours ago) [-]
maybe, but dont those cost alot of money?
#129042 to #129038 - ronjeremysweiner has deleted their comment [-]
#129041 to #129038 - ronjeremysweiner has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #129044 to #129041 - saltybanana (12 hours ago) [-]
naw sometimes they are voluntary, but hey thats why i said talk y\to your folks man. they could help you out as well
#129045 to #129044 - anonymous (12 hours ago) [-]
thanks. think ill look into that
thanks. think ill look into that
#129025 - gabsmatags (12 hours ago) [-]
Hey guys! So I'm working on a project for my English class and I need to come up with a visual representation of a dramatic scene, so I decided on taking a series of photos starring my best friend as Annabel Lee from the poem by Poe. Basically, I'm a total noob when it comes to photography and I want this to turn out really nice. Any tips before I get started? Anyone think maybe they could help with editing if I need it?
#129122 to #129025 - Nameloc (5 hours ago) [-]

**Framing and taking photos*
Frame each shot well. Imagine it as if it were hanging up in a gallery.
Do not take tens of photos because "I can always delete the bad ones." (If you do this, chances are, they're all going to be bad.)
If anything, limit yourself to only one shot for each scene. Doing this will make yourself try and perfect the shot.
Be sure that there isn't any blur from the camera shaking or from the person moving -- If you have a DSLR camera, or one you can borrow, take it because it will make photos come out better. (Quicker shutter speed reduces blur.)
Make sure the camera you're using has an anti-shake feature, if not get yourself a tripod.

Honestly, unless you're adding filters over it, changing focus (by taking away distractions in the photo, and making the intended focus of the image more pronounced) , or cleaning up the photo (taking out something that shouldn't have been there, removing red eye, etc.) , then you won't really need to edit it.
If you do need help editing, I have Photoshop CC and all the time in the world on my hands.
(I'll reply to this comment with things I've shopped. Note that they will be more along the lines of obscure edits.)

Pic related, I took it with a decent $120 point-and-shoot camera.
Other pictures I took while I was in New York: You need to login to view this link
#129123 to #129122 - Nameloc (5 hours ago) [-]
Okay I don't know why the freaking emotes appeared in my comment... Anyhow...

Most recently I did this edit.
Here's the Original:
#129124 to #129123 - Nameloc (5 hours ago) [-]
Here's an Oryx, Tiger, and Goose mix.
(Oryx with a Goose's beak and a Tiger's mouth/ teeth.)
#129106 to #129025 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx has deleted their comment [-]
#129077 to #129025 - yourgaylol (10 hours ago) [-]
focus on her butt
#129130 to #129077 - gabsmatags (3 hours ago) [-]
She does have a spectacular rear end...
#129012 - LordoftheBacon (13 hours ago) [-]
So im stuck between a rock and a hard place FJ I need your help.
Met this 7/10 qt she is awesome but we are polar opposites in some ways but we kinda balance a bit idk.
She likes hard rock/punk vs I listen to strictly Death Metal/Black Metal
She is into some hard drugs vs I spend more time on /dis/ and /del/ then a normal person ever should.
She is 18 vs Im 25
She is going to school to be a nurse vs Im jobless and doing nothing with my life.
Basically we have been texting non stop for like 5 days now Im talking good morning, good nights, how the day was, etc etc etc
We kissed for the first time a few hours ago and she told me to text her I did but no reply nothing just silence. Why the fuck am I freaking out?...I really need to slow down on the dph....any advice would help alot please. *pic cause she is terrified of clowns*
User avatar #129055 to #129012 - hor (11 hours ago) [-]
Well, what are you afraid of? If you love her and she loves you, there's no reason not to try. Wouldn't you rather try than spend the rest of your life wondering what if?

Also what would you recommend for a first time dissociative user? I'm a polydrug user, and haven't gotten to try any dissociatives, but I've been hearing great things. The problem is the availability, while I want to get into dissociatives, I don't want to lose my dis virginity to an allegedly shitty drug like DXM, although I've heard mixed reports about it. So should I say fuck it yolo and down some cough syrup, wait for some ketamine to come around, or risk getting a package of 3-MeO-PCP seized?
User avatar #129057 to #129055 - LordoftheBacon (11 hours ago) [-]
My personal opionion and this is coming from a psychonaut that has been doing this since age 13. If your into dis then lurk /dis/ You need to login to view this link great people really. Also if its your first time its based on the rule of thumb weight/expierence/mindset. What you weigh? Also Dex is a wonderful drug you dont have to only pound cough syrup you can pop robo gels, delysum is great, pure dxm you can order online no criminal charges. Also if your new to dex then ill sum it up for you as best I can.
1.Do you like a nice clean long but med-strong high.
2.Do you want a bombardment to your senses and makes you see the universe from your couch?
1? Poli for you friend - drink some delysum (first time just 1 bottle and play music that makes you happy as you relax)
2?Hbr - go for robo or pure dxm or an extraction
Start here
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Lurk forums and you can find just about anything you might wanna know. I just took 300/400 dph/dxm about 30 minutes ago. Wish me luck.
#129061 to #129057 - hor (11 hours ago) [-]
Also, happy tripping(just read the last bit)!
Also, happy tripping(just read the last bit)!
#129060 to #129057 - hor (11 hours ago) [-]
I'm a psychonaut as well(although rather new), been using psychedelics for the past year. I've tried all the traditional psychedelics beyond mescaline and ayahuasca, and I've been expanding into research chemicals. I need something completely new, so I figured I'd look into dissociatives because I'm too much of a pussy for deliriants. I know about Erowid(I can't tell you all the hours I've wasted on that site) and 420chan already, I'm just indecisive and the more opinions the better. I'll check out darkridge, though. I was actually considering extracting poli from Delsyum, that was going to be my first DXM trip, just didn't know if I should wait until I could get something better first. But I guess if I can't get anything else for awhile save for 3-MeO, which I'd have to risk losing, I might as well try it. Thanks for the info.
User avatar #129079 to #129060 - LordoftheBacon (10 hours ago) [-]
Even if your nervous about del then just do a half and half dose of dxm/dph and you will be golden.
#129016 to #129012 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (13 hours ago) [-]
The age gap is at the peak of the 'standard age gap creepiness formula.'

Anyhow, it could be that you worry about her parents knowing that you two are dating. It could very well be the reason why she hasn't responded yet.

Essentially -- Re-evaluation is what you are afraid of. You're afraid of losing her after you two have gotten so close. It's the fear and constant thought of her bailing out on having a relationship with you.
User avatar #129017 to #129016 - LordoftheBacon (13 hours ago) [-]
I am worried about that actually I know there is 7 year diffrence and I feel like a creep a little bit. Idk
User avatar #129026 to #129017 - legendaryhero (12 hours ago) [-]
The age gap is fine.
#129024 to #129017 - ronjeremysweiner (12 hours ago) [-]
the age gap thrm is half your age plus 7
25/2 = 12+7 = 19
it's on the edge, but I see nothin wrong
User avatar #129027 to #129024 - legendaryhero (12 hours ago) [-]
Wasn't the thrm actually 5?
User avatar #129028 to #129027 - legendaryhero (12 hours ago) [-]
i mean like, half and +5?
#129032 to #129028 - ronjeremysweiner (12 hours ago) [-]
idk i thought it was seven

but if it was 5 then
15/2 + 5 = 12.5
i would feel weird dating a twelve yr old at 15
15/2 + 7 = 14.5
sounds good .
15/2 + 6 = 13.5
maybe 6?
six sounds like it should be the official one
User avatar #129035 to #129032 - legendaryhero (12 hours ago) [-]
Eh, I know people who dated a twelve year old when they were 15.
It was fine since the 15 year old didn't really look 15 nor was he really mature.
The girl was, because i dont know, she is a girl.
#129033 to #129032 - ronjeremysweiner (12 hours ago) [-]
for the record I have a D in math
User avatar #129020 to #129017 - ipostcp (13 hours ago) [-]
My grandpa married my grandma when she was 16 and he was 28.
User avatar #129021 to #129020 - LordoftheBacon (12 hours ago) [-]
diffrent times I assume idk how old you or your parents are
User avatar #129022 to #129021 - ipostcp (12 hours ago) [-]
It doesn't really matter what time it was. It is still shifty looking for them.
#129019 to #129017 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (13 hours ago) [-]
Again, it's the whole "re-evaluation" aspect on her part that you are worried about.

Find a way to kill time. Get your mind off of it until she does text you back, or until the next time you two meet.

Also, 'females mature mentally faster than males.'
So it is no real surprise that you two fit so well together. I wouldn't beat yourself up about it. If she were 17, things would be worse. But hey, she's 18 and legal, her parents can't do crap.
#129014 to #129012 - minutes (13 hours ago) [-]
Just wait. It's not like she's going to aprubtly cut off all contact. Being with an older girl is ok, differences in personality and preferences are good as well. It may lead to a few fights in a relationship but if you like each other enough it's going to work out. Best of luck man.
User avatar #129015 to #129014 - LordoftheBacon (13 hours ago) [-]
Thank you for the reply It does help I tend to freak about shit like this then calm down. Idk my head is weird sometimes.
User avatar #129011 - ScottP (13 hours ago) [-]
Anyone know some good and easy-to-make pre-workout foods?
User avatar #129069 to #129011 - marinepenguin (10 hours ago) [-]
Look up preworkout powders for energy. You'll understand those videos "when the preworkout kicks in".
#129034 to #129011 - saltybanana (12 hours ago) [-]
try cutting up a whole banana put them in a container with walnuts and almonds, and dazzel that shit with honey if you want a healthy pre workout

try Hype-mud
what it is is insta coffe, with pepsi mix together shits cray
#129013 to #129011 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (13 hours ago) [-]
Look into Protein Powder/ Protein Bars.
They are great for pre-workout foods.
#129040 to #129013 - ronjeremysweiner (12 hours ago) [-]
dont use protein powder
eat a shit ton of almonds instead.
same fucking thing except you wont piss protein
User avatar #129068 to #129040 - marinepenguin (10 hours ago) [-]
You won't "piss protein" until you consume more protein than what the body can use. Consuming one protein filled drink won't do that.
#129070 to #129068 - ronjeremysweiner (10 hours ago) [-]
protein powder has too many risks/negatives,
kidney problems, lack of nutrition.
it's better to drink milk or eat nuts, or meat
stay away from that powder shit.
give it 20 years, they're going to find worse side-effects from it
User avatar #129071 to #129070 - marinepenguin (10 hours ago) [-]
That's only if you're taking it in excess. If you eat a normal diet, and use protein shakes for extra calories and protein to gain weight then you won't have nutrition problems. And kidney problems only arise when you take hardcore shit that is generally not advised anymore, like creatine. Taking a whey protein shake once or twice a day with a meal isn't going to hurt you.
#129073 to #129071 - ronjeremysweiner (10 hours ago) [-]
i'd rather stay away from it and let other ppl be the test rats.
milk and nuts stop smiling and act ur age have been working for humanities entire existence so why stop now.
User avatar #129078 to #129073 - marinepenguin (10 hours ago) [-]
Fair enough, don't get me wrong I eat tons of eggs, meats, nuts, drink plenty of milk and have a great diet. But adding in a protein shake just for an extra bunch of calories and even 20g more of protein, I've gained 30 pounds of muscle and put 50-75lbs on all my lifts. It's just made things a little bit easier for a guy thats naturally tall and skinny like me.
#128989 - anonymous (14 hours ago) [-]
So this girl I met last year, who I have been speaking to and meeting with periodically* supposedly has had feelings for me since she met me, and I really like her as well. She has a boyfriend but when they fight she comes to me. What fucking do?
#128995 to #128989 - anonymous (14 hours ago) [-]
CaptainSarcastic and iridium
Thanks for the help guys. I'm just gonna fucking go for it... Thanks, dudes!
User avatar #128997 to #128995 - CaptainSarcastic (14 hours ago) [-]
Just beware though man, this comes from experience, if she's willing to cheat FOR you, she might be willing to cheat ON you.
#129003 to #128997 - anonymous (14 hours ago) [-]
I wouldn't ask her to cheat. I wouldn't want her to cheat on him with me I don't like her like that. I want her relationship to break apart at it's own terms before we happen...
User avatar #129005 to #129003 - CaptainSarcastic (14 hours ago) [-]
Thats cool dude, I'm just saying, I've been in your situation before, and sometimes its a case of the forbidden fruit, you want something because you cant have it. Dont let me talk you out of this girl though, it sounds like a win/win really. Good luck man. x
#129007 to #129005 - anonymous (14 hours ago) [-]
Thanks bro. Much appreciated. If you like, I'll let you know what happens...
User avatar #129008 to #129007 - CaptainSarcastic (14 hours ago) [-]
Yeah man let me know! You got an account? Feel free to add me as a friend
User avatar #129010 to #129008 - cptmongtard ONLINE (14 hours ago) [-]
Oh shit I wasn't signed in...
User avatar #129001 to #128997 - awesomerninjathing (14 hours ago) [-]
if she's a in shitty relationship and cheats into a good relationship, it should be fine

but don't make her cheat, just see if she's comfortable dumping him for you
User avatar #128993 to #128989 - CaptainSarcastic (14 hours ago) [-]
Talk to her about it. I see this all the time. Either go in and get what you want, or you'll let the door close without either of you getting what you want. Make your feelings and intentions clear to her, and see what she does. If she stays with him, dont get played like a cunt, move on. If she goes to talk with him and they argue more, it's obvious she has feelings and he's paranoid about her leaving him. If you're gunna be a homewrecker, do it right man aha. If you two talk, and those twoargue, stick in there. If you two talk, and they dont argue, leave.
User avatar #128992 to #128989 - iridium (14 hours ago) [-]
If she likes you and you like her, tell her you like her back. If she likes her boyfriend more and won't go with you, don't keep going after her and don't let her keep needlessly titillating you for something that won't work out. If she's too hesitant to make that choice but insists she still has feelings for you, don't keep going after her, it's just going to be troublesome for all of you.
#128991 to #128989 - anonymous (14 hours ago) [-]
*periodically because she lives in a different part of the country to me. An hour on the train
User avatar #128968 - IamKingNothing (17 hours ago) [-]
So my maid just washed my phone, not a super expensive phone but it was a good one, and she feels super bad, the question is, should i ask her for a blow job now, or later?
#128973 to #128968 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (16 hours ago) [-]

Disassemble the phone and put it in a bag of rice.
User avatar #128974 to #128973 - IamKingNothing (16 hours ago) [-]
phone comes on and vibrates but the screen stays black, phone is fucked/100
#128990 to #128974 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (14 hours ago) [-]
One I ran for 15+ full minutes in the pouring rain with my phone in my pocket.
Water had gotten inside the cameras (front facing and back facing), and really screwed up the microphone.

About 4 hours later when I got home, I disassembled it and put it in rice for two days. Came out just fine.
#128987 to #128974 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (15 hours ago) [-]
Put it in a bag of rice. As soon as possible and leave it for 24-48 straight hours. Make sure the rice completely encases the phone.
User avatar #128970 to #128968 - saltybanana (17 hours ago) [-]
fuck that shit do it nooooww!
User avatar #128964 - herblegerble (17 hours ago) [-]
Suspenders with a business suit - yay or nay?
User avatar #129076 to #128964 - Metallicock (10 hours ago) [-]
It's kinda old fasioned
#129006 to #128964 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (14 hours ago) [-]
As long as it is used correctly, I can see that working. Don't flaunt around the suspenders, eh?
User avatar #128982 to #128964 - awesomerninjathing (15 hours ago) [-]
>suspenders at all
User avatar #128980 to #128964 - serhiy (15 hours ago) [-]
people in my sixthform do this, and the don't look good, so nay. unless you want to look like a super nerd from the 1950's
#128965 to #128964 - saltybanana (17 hours ago) [-]
looks classy to me, for people who cant afford blazers
looks classy to me, for people who cant afford blazers
User avatar #128966 to #128965 - herblegerble (17 hours ago) [-]
And if you can afford a blazer?
#128963 - ronjeremysweiner (17 hours ago) [-]
writing research paper on the pussification of america
are there any famous people/politicians supporting this? so far ive found nothing but ppl ranting on blogs
User avatar #129046 to #128963 - indulge (11 hours ago) [-]
Talk about American television censorship vs. every other country's censorship.

TIP: America's censorship is incredibly strict compared to others
User avatar #128994 to #128963 - iridium (14 hours ago) [-]
Pussification is a broad (not to mention juvenile) word. In what way are you talking about?
#128996 to #128994 - ronjeremysweiner (14 hours ago) [-]
pussifiction is the common term for it, gonna change it for paper of course.
and im talking about how america's youth is getting turned into a bunch of pansies
User avatar #128998 to #128996 - iridium (14 hours ago) [-]
You sure as fuck don't want politicians' word about this.

What you could try is to find research from official psychological and sociological journals and websites. See if you can't find anything, though I'm not sure how exactly you would go about describing it.
#129002 to #128998 - ronjeremysweiner (14 hours ago) [-]
im good, i searched reddit and shit came up
thanks though
#128999 to #128998 - ronjeremysweiner (14 hours ago) [-]
ya thats the problem, i cant really find much aside from some old wrestling coach ranting
#128962 - anonymous (17 hours ago) [-]
Anyone here have any advice for dealing with depressive-type schizoaffective disorder? Posting as anon to avoid flak.
#129004 to #128962 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (14 hours ago) [-]
I am not however I do have something similar, but on a lesser scale.
Social anxiety, bipolar, sociopath, etc. Self diagnosed -- It isn't a problem, but if it ever becomes one I will definitely seek a professional opinion. And no, I don't go around flaunting this. I only say this on my throw away account, which is the account I am posting with now.

I would advise visiting a Psychiatrist/ someone in specific who is able to help you. No matter the cost. Even if it puts you in debt.
If you ever want to talk to vent or ask for advice or anything, feel free to shoot me a PM and I'll be a listening ear/ someone to help with advice.

Just remember:
No one is normal. To be normal is to lie to yourself.

Trying to define yourself, in some ways, is redundant, for you'll only need one word to define yourself, and that is You.
#128972 to #128962 - saltybanana (17 hours ago) [-]
my guess  cause i ant a real dr.  is to start changing your diet and start making friends out there. you know wanna be healthy and be social with others. cant be always locked in doors. go on a small adventure even by yourself. it'll slowly feel like its gone.  shits all in your head man
my guess cause i ant a real dr. is to start changing your diet and start making friends out there. you know wanna be healthy and be social with others. cant be always locked in doors. go on a small adventure even by yourself. it'll slowly feel like its gone. shits all in your head man
#128975 to #128972 - anonymous (16 hours ago) [-]
I wish it was that simple. It's not caused by diet(I eat fine). It's not really the depression that bothers me as much as the paranoia, delusions, and thought disorders. I agree with you that being social would probably help, but it's really not that easy for me. Imagine constantly feeling like everyone's watching you, judging your every thought and action, hating everything that you do, say, and even think(delusions of mind being read, I don't even feel safe in my own thoughts), even the thoughts that aren't yours, because you can't control your own thoughts. Feeling like no matter what you do you're being watched, followed, and plotted against.
Cont, reached character limit.
#129023 to #128975 - saltybanana (12 hours ago) [-]
i ment the diet to improve your well being as in physic, make a goal to keep you distracted.

duuude are serious? who gives a flying fuck about what others think man!!!
if you keep thinking like a lil bitch than you will be a lil bitch to people around you! need to man the fuck up! grab them big ass balls that you have !
#129037 to #129023 - anonymous (12 hours ago) [-]
I'm in good shape, that's not a problem.

Well, I do. The problem is as far as I can tell my delusions of persecution manifest from my self-hate, because usually they tend to follow things I already hate about myself, whether or not they're problems or even exist. It's not that they think it(which they may or may not), it's that I'm forced to think about it. If it were as simple as shrugging it off, it wouldn't be a problem. It's like having thoughts shoved into your head and then having them repeated over and over until you have to believe them even if you don't. No matter what they're always there.
#129039 to #129037 - anonymous (12 hours ago) [-]
There's also delusions of mind being read, which fucks over my sense of security since I don't even feel safe alone with my own thoughts. Hallucinations of a little girl standing over my bed telling me how everyone hates me and tells me exactly what's wrong with me, and tells me the only way I can avoid it is by avoiding all human contact(normally, it has gotten more extreme) because no matter what I do they will always know that everything I do is wrong, that everything I think is wrong, everything I am, everything about me is wrong and complete and utter shit. There's other hallucinations that terrify me, but that's the most persistent one. It's not a matter of telling myself that nobody cares, because whether or not I think that I'm going to be forced to believe otherwise, whether or not I do.
#128979 to #128975 - metaphor (15 hours ago) [-]
One of my closer friends has to deal with illusions and such things too, but going to a therapist helped him a lot.

He saw a guy who wasn't there obviously but this guy told him to kill his father and so on, he tried it eventually. Then he went to therapy and it got waaay better.

He's on medication but lives a normal live so far since 5 years.

So maybe a therapy would help you?
I know it's really hard to "go out and socialize", but do you have a friend?
Invite him to a movie or something. I personally tried to get my friend out of the house but yeah..
#128984 to #128979 - anonymous (15 hours ago) [-]
I've been looking into group therapy recently, mainly because it's my last resort. I'm in control right now, though. I get delusional, but I can usually talk myself out of doing stupid shit. I've used a lot of psychedelics(before I knew)(bath salts did NOT help), so I'm pretty familiar with recognizing delusions and how to control my actions. I'm not a danger, I'm just.. I don't really know. Lonely and scared out of my mind(ha) I guess. I hate not being able to communicate on a personal level.
Cont. Damn, I'm ranting hard today. Sorry for that.
#128985 to #128984 - anonymous (15 hours ago) [-]
Very few, and one of them is a psychotic like me. The difference is he's too.. Brass. He's aggressive, easily provoked, and gets somewhat obsessed with his delusions. He might need more help than me, honestly. All the same, being around him isn't really good for me, since he doesn't word things well. I constantly feel persecuted, and the things he says can be easily misinterpreted, which can set me off. He doesn't like being around somebody who constantly assumes the worst, and I hate feeling constantly put down, even if it's for no reason. There was one girl(who I was interested in), but she's gone for awhile(don't want to go into detail, it'd sound like I'm bullshitting for attention at that point). The only other friend I have I don't trust really. We're good friends, but I haven't known him very long and it takes awhile for me to fully trust a person(shit, I don't trust my childhood friend(first on the list) anymore).
#128977 to #128975 - anonymous (16 hours ago) [-]
Then come the thought disorders, where you can't even speak properly because instead of thinking in linear, logical thoughts, you have to constantly analyze everything and jump three steps ahead to "prepare" thanks to hyper-awareness, and you don't even really think in words, just pictures, feelings, impulses, so when you do try to talk, everything just comes out in a jumbled mess, most of the time I can't get through a sentence without having to try several times over. Then you realize how ridiculous the thought disorders make you sound, which adds to the delusions of persecution and anxiety, as well as self-hate which adds to the first two. Then of course there's the social anxiety added on top of all of that. There's the hallucinations and psychotic breaks, which are more annoyances than problems at this point. I'm terrified of having a break in a public area, though.
And again.
#128978 to #128977 - anonymous (16 hours ago) [-]
Sorry for the rant, I don't get to vent much. I get what I need to do, I just have NO idea how anymore. It's not like anxiety where you just think too much, it's like having a bunch of thoughts that make no sense forced into your head and becoming attached to them, even though you know they're wrong and you want them to be wrong. I appreciate you trying to help, though, so thanks.
#128976 to #128975 - hor has deleted their comment [-]
#128959 - anonymous (18 hours ago) [-]
So i feel the worst i can possible feel today, feel like crying, but i cant seem to do it, feel it behind my eyes all day but nothing. Whats the deal?
#128967 to #128959 - saltybanana (17 hours ago) [-]
im guessing its depression, also probably been crying all night THE FUCK is wrong with everybody here depressed need to stay positive about today, look at the bright side today!!
#128981 to #128967 - anonymous (15 hours ago) [-]
I genuinely cant see any way forward, i've tried improving my situation but its futile, im too much of a pussy to actually kill myself but i dont see the point in my life. Every monday i feel even worse, its not a monday feeling, its a for fucks sake im still stuck here feeling, it doesnt get better throughout the week, but just a level up on worstness the next monday. Went to the doctors and in his words "You're just pissed off at everything not depressed" then some bullshit about just going out there and doing what i want to do, as if i fucking could.
#129030 to #128981 - saltybanana (12 hours ago) [-]
to me it sounds like you're fucking lil ass girl, bitching about everything. what a bitch usually does.   
need to jack off or find a girl friend to help you relive all that stress you have in you. sound like a ticking time stress bomb.  if you cant find a gf its fucking simple, shiet even find a n ugly one we all start somewhere   or go and sign up in a gym man. honest to god it helped me. i feel so much better about my self and my confidence is off the roof!
to me it sounds like you're fucking lil ass girl, bitching about everything. what a bitch usually does.

need to jack off or find a girl friend to help you relive all that stress you have in you. sound like a ticking time stress bomb. if you cant find a gf its fucking simple, shiet even find a n ugly one we all start somewhere or go and sign up in a gym man. honest to god it helped me. i feel so much better about my self and my confidence is off the roof!
#129000 to #128981 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (14 hours ago) [-]
Each day find something you are grateful for.

For instance, what is something you are taking for granted today?
For me, I have a nice $2,300 computer setup.

Each day, find one thing to be grateful for, something that you may have been taking for granted, and write it down. Do this for a month.

Right now? You're alive. You're not being tortured, you aren't paralyzed, there isn't a war going on outside.
My friend in Brazil, right now, is constantly afraid of riots and bombs and guns.
My friend in New York is 17 and supporting his entire family. His single mother is dying. He works multiple jobs, and has been, for years. He pays the bills and has been since he was 12.

Your life, no matter what is going on, is significantly better than theirs.
Find the better side of things. Find one thing each day to be happy about.
User avatar #128958 - axeul (19 hours ago) [-]
So there is this girl who I think is pretty cute and I have told her this in the past. Yesterday, we met up for a group project with two other people and she was being kind of flirty in my opinion. It was just there with the way she was talking but some specific points are how she mentioned at one point how she has been told she has brown fever (I'm brown by the way) and she kept holding onto my arm. But at the same time, she mentions how she has a boyfriend. So I got no clue if she was expressing interest or anything.
#129009 to #128958 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (14 hours ago) [-]
It definitely seems like she does like you, however she does still have a boyfriend.

At worst, this could just be her seeking attention; Which would easily explain why she was close to you that day, in the absence of her boyfriend.

At best, she could actually really like you.

But either way, it is not entirely that great that she is doing such things with you while in a relationship. Once a cheater, always a cheater.
In my experience, I would say it was all done for attention. This is something you will have to find out by yourself. Possibly confront her and ask if she likes you, and figure things out from there based on her reaction.
User avatar #128983 to #128958 - awesomerninjathing (15 hours ago) [-]
generally if she has a boyfriend she's off-limits, but you could ask her yourself
User avatar #128986 to #128983 - axeul (15 hours ago) [-]
I know she's off limits if she has a boyfriend but I just was confused on whether she was showing interest in me or whether i was imagining it.
#128969 to #128958 - saltybanana (17 hours ago) [-]
She likes yah, and she wants yah!

fuck it if shes all touchy feely with you id go for it, shes got that brown plague for your ass! start talking all flirty back at her, she'll get the message thats this dick aint no game!
btw about her BF fuck his up! jk no who cares she wants you!
#128944 - yuuka (04/22/2014) [-]
Happy birthday
Ever had a day where you really don't have a reason to feel sad about, but then all of sudden, the feels train out of nowhere?
For reasons i don't understand, at times i keep remembering my brother death, and i swear to god at times i can feel he's there, or ever hear him, hallucinations like that make me feel really odd.
User avatar #128953 to #128944 - iridium (04/22/2014) [-]
I had a day once where all the emotions from losing my grandmother surfaced 4 months after she actually died. The night before, I had a dream about her, and when I woke up it hit me very hard. But that was one day.

Like you said, for your case, there's probably some unresolved emotions or a great deal of missing him. I have a relative who was very close to my mom when she died and she was taking grief counseling for a reason similar to how you feel well after she passed. If this only comes up on days which are supposed to be important, then I imagine it's probably just a strong emotional response of yearning. If it's a recurring problem all the time, or if it makes you act particularly different, or if you're hallucinating to the point where you are absolutely convinced that he is right there and not in the sort of spiritual sense, but as in real, full fledged auditory or visual hallucinations, especially ones that might be instructing you to do things , then I worry about some psychological issues. Otherwise, it's probably just your emotions, and it's understandable that you feel almost overcome with emotion regarding someone you greatly miss. I'm no doctor though, so don't take my advice at face value.

If you just want to talk about it and think that might help, I'd be willing to listen as well.
User avatar #128949 to #128944 - ipostcp (04/22/2014) [-]
Every single day.
User avatar #128950 to #128949 - ipostcp (04/22/2014) [-]
But then other me sorta balances it out.
User avatar #128954 to #128950 - adunsaveme (04/22/2014) [-]
it's ok, i love you fgt
#128947 to #128944 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (04/22/2014) [-]
It's probably still part of the mourning phase?
It's probably still part of the mourning phase?
User avatar #128948 to #128947 - yuuka (04/22/2014) [-]
Shit was 7-8 years ago, for some reason though, my mind seems to remind me more about it towards dates like my birthday, i guess i'd wish he was here.
#128951 to #128948 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (04/22/2014) [-]
It's understandable.

I'm sorry for your loss.

Also, Happy Birthday!
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