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#186702 - friendofaf ONLINE (2 minutes ago) [-]
Alright so my face is fucked with acne. What can I buy that will stop it?
#186700 - phanactssonjoe ONLINE (11 minutes ago) [-]
no one will help me with my broken soul
#186697 - ssheinrich ONLINE (1 hour ago) [-]
anyone from US or Europe playing Batlefield Hardline? i just need someone who can help me get 15 balestic shield coins for the enforcer syndicate assignement and i would be happy to do the same to you too
#186690 - anonymous (2 hours ago) [-]
how do you get over a long term relationship.

I've tried being with other girls but it just makes me miss her more.
#186701 to #186690 - phanactssonjoe ONLINE (10 minutes ago) [-]
i would try going onto the subway and fap to women in front of them while looking into their eyes while i do it
User avatar #186698 to #186690 - sugoi ONLINE (22 minutes ago) [-]
You fall madly in love with another girl.
User avatar #186689 - niven (3 hours ago) [-]
If a company just recommends a high school diploma for a job, how much less likely am i to get it than someone with one

I'm 17 na I'm getting it in a year
#186684 - jellolol (5 hours ago) [-]
So..I met this girl, about 2-3 weeks ago. We have a lot of things in common, both of us found it hard to believe how naturally we get along. Both told each other how its such a wonderful thing having each other in each other's lives. Flirted here and there. And then, today, i implied that i like her/have feelings for her and that I want to ask her out, again i implied, didn't say it directly. She picked up on it and said "as you know im not looking for a relationship right now, but it's been wonderful having you as a friend ". I'm not expecting any REAL advice from this, just a shot in the dark or something whatever it wont hurt..hopefully. So then I really didn't expect that like it all worked out really fine in my head because you know we always have such a good time. So Like, she didn't break up with anybody recently, and by recently i mean at least 2 years, was the last time she was in a relationship. So it's not like she's recovering from something like that. She said that i'm cute and all that and so unless she's lying it's not my looks. So why? What did I do wrong? Is it even me? How come this happens everytime? because today i was super depressed and i couldn't even bring myself to go to gym. I'm about to completely give up and move on and maybe this is just the depression talking but i'm like done with that. I don't think I can try for girls anymore. Like I don't get it, i made it clear and obvious about what i wanted from her and it wasn't friendship. And I know she wasn't dense to not pick up on it, so why didn't she stop everything early on so i wouldnt get hope? why did she play with my feelings like that? and then when i implied that i was depressed today and that it was because of her, she said something like "oh gosh what did i do " and then THAT surprised me and i was like nevermind its nothing i was just being stupid. like okay im so fucking confused now like did she pick up on anything or not because i dont even know anymore but im almost done trying either ways. Like i'll still talk to her and be nice to her and shit but that's it. I know it's hard to give advice to someone while you don't really know much of the details but like..i'd appreciate it from anyone who actually read this gayness that i typed and took it seriously and gave me a proper answer. We're all family here right?
User avatar #186685 to #186684 - sugoi ONLINE (4 hours ago) [-]
It's your looks, she doesn't get a lady boner from you. She's got the emotional attraction but none of the physical.

Time to hit the gym again buddy.
#186686 to #186685 - jellolol (4 hours ago) [-]
Well thanks I guess.
User avatar #186688 to #186686 - sugoi ONLINE (4 hours ago) [-]
It's okay man, physical looks are easy to change with effort.
Emotional attraction is a lot harder to make.
#186681 - anonymous (6 hours ago) [-]
How do
#186675 - anonymous (8 hours ago) [-]
Does a girl texting you "I'm so glad we're friends" means you're friendzoned? She's had a bf since i met her so I couldn't really make a move, but is it too late?
User avatar #186677 to #186675 - sugoi ONLINE (7 hours ago) [-]
User avatar #186676 to #186675 - braveblue (7 hours ago) [-]
Go for it, you'll never know if you don't try.
User avatar #186674 - friedflounder (8 hours ago) [-]
am i a kid? or a squid? please, this is way to existential for me
User avatar #186687 to #186674 - yourinvisiblegf (4 hours ago) [-]
you're a trans-squid
User avatar #186678 to #186674 - sugoi ONLINE (7 hours ago) [-]
You're neither a kid nor a squid.
You are a flounder.
User avatar #186673 - crystalversion (9 hours ago) [-]
So I was given prozac at my evaluation yesterday with the doctor in charge of prescribing the medication and was supposed to start today but I was a little scared to take it since I work mornings (usually 7-2pm) and read online "that it may impair my thinking or reactions and to be careful of doing anything that requires me to be alert." I work in merchandising at an electronics store. Mostly down stocking and once in a while we use a machine to grab heavy items from high places but it requires me to be fast and to lift and push things around all day Anyone here taken it and has it caused any of that? I know it's different from person to person but like I said I'm a bit scared of it affecting work (even though she said it'd give me more energy and take a while for me to notice the change) and getting worse instead of better(addiction, more moments where thoughts of suicide and self hurt or hate will occur). Overall I might be freaking myself out since I looked up info about it. Apart from the prozac I was given sleeping pills to take at night
User avatar #186664 - tisjunkisdamnfunny (9 hours ago) [-]
anyone know anything about escort services, nice ones not streets hoes. what they charge if its worth it ect.?
User avatar #186663 - charizarddad (10 hours ago) [-]
im about to go get a tattoo but my question is should i find an artist? i went to a place kind of convenient cause it was close and had what i thought were good artists but really theyre okay, theyre not creative but they can draw. so im getting a really easy tattoo but i want it to be perfect, so i still want it done well. i dont really care about the price either. although the place has to be close, i cant go out too far to get it. so should i stick with the same artists that ive gone to before? or find a new better artist still close?
User avatar #186665 to #186663 - mondominiman ONLINE (9 hours ago) [-]
It's all up to you man, you're stuck with it forever. Try to go with a better artists though even if it's a bit farther .
User avatar #186666 to #186665 - charizarddad (9 hours ago) [-]
thing is, it isnt really up to me. id go wherever but only within like an hour drive. but im not the one driving so they want to go to a place thats in a shitty neighborhood because i live near a bunch of them. like id go to a professional rich city artist but other people cant understand why. they think the shitty is better
User avatar #186667 to #186666 - mondominiman ONLINE (9 hours ago) [-]
Those people are retards, it's your body. Go a different day if you have to or find a different way there. You get what you pay for
User avatar #186668 to #186667 - charizarddad (9 hours ago) [-]
lol i like that yeah this person is a retard but i have always known them and pretty much had to have known them. hint: its my mom. shes cool with the tattoo and the price but doesnt understand why the place further out is pricier but somehow better. anyway thats why i settle for good not great work. i will probably find another way to get there
User avatar #186669 to #186668 - mondominiman ONLINE (9 hours ago) [-]
So what are you gonna get?
#186671 to #186669 - charizarddad (9 hours ago) [-]
on my non-dominant wrist. faced towards me and not outward so i see it more than other people.
User avatar #186672 to #186671 - mondominiman ONLINE (9 hours ago) [-]
It's pretty good.
#186658 - logickid (12 hours ago) [-]
School ends on the 12th, would that mean there would be no school for the rest of the year?
User avatar #186660 to #186658 - sugoi ONLINE (11 hours ago) [-]
#186654 - youraccountsucks has deleted their comment [-]
#186657 to #186654 - anonymous (12 hours ago) [-]
#186633 - drl (14 hours ago) [-]
do i look better with or without hair
User avatar #186699 to #186633 - ieatbengay (14 minutes ago) [-]
go somehwere in the middle and get fitter#

and get rid of that facial hair catastrophe
User avatar #186656 to #186633 - hoponthefeelstrain (12 hours ago) [-]
grow a beard, you have too much face.
User avatar #186648 to #186634 - damping (13 hours ago) [-]
You look better in this picture. But not because of the hair. You look better with your eyes open and without the facial hair.
#186642 to #186634 - sugoi ONLINE (14 hours ago) [-]
You look like ciderhelm.

Think the short suits you more, I think it's just the shape of your face doesn't really suit that hairstyle, at least to me anyway.
User avatar #186638 to #186634 - womanexplain (14 hours ago) [-]
With but cleaner cut hair and less
#186635 to #186634 - anonymous (14 hours ago) [-]
With. Can you grow a beard or just the facial hair you have?
User avatar #186636 to #186635 - drl (14 hours ago) [-]
cant grow a full beard only a neck beard and stash so i just had the hair on my chin and stash with i had a picture of me a few months before this was taken i had a Ramses beard
#186640 to #186636 - anonymous (14 hours ago) [-]
Which of these faces would you say best describes your own?
User avatar #186641 to #186640 - drl (14 hours ago) [-]
round defenetly round
like a bowling ball
#186643 to #186641 - anonymous (13 hours ago) [-]
Though it takes a lot of maintaining, the 5 o'clock shadow looks pretty good on almost every guy. So if you can make that work, I'd suggest a shorter haircut than the one in your first picture. Long enough that you can style it, short enough that you can see your face.
#186631 - anonymous (14 hours ago) [-]
I really hate it when my friends go on a spiel about touchy topics like gay people, transgender people, people of color, or just any typical hippie liberal agenda as if I'm not on the same page as they are. They like to circle-jerk, just wildly talk about why the world is fucked up and how they have all the answers. I usually just tune it out but it's been getting on my nerves lately. It feels like they're rubbing it in my face every time we talk about that stuff, and that's all they talk about. I sometimes feel like fighting them about it, to make them shut up but that will make me look like a homophobic, racist, douche bag.
This happened once when they started talking about how stupid it was that marijuana was illegal, I jokingly said "For a good fucking reason." ( I think that weed should be legal but I just wanted to see what they'd do. ) And they blew the fuck up at me. Like they completely forgot that I had smoked pot with them in the past and started treating me like a conservative old man.
I've been with these guys for a while, one of them is my roommate so I can't very well break up them. And it's not like they're wrong or I'm against what they stand for, I just wish they'd shut the fuck up about it once in a while. I don't how to bring it up to them or what I would even say to persuade them.
User avatar #186639 to #186631 - womanexplain (14 hours ago) [-]
Just say can we talk about something else
#186644 to #186639 - anonymous (13 hours ago) [-]
That was the first thing I tried saying. They said I was trying to brush off these issues like everyone else. In fact, I think saying that is what made them start shoving it in my face, trying to make me like them.
User avatar #186649 to #186644 - womanexplain (13 hours ago) [-]
Just put your hands visibly up and say 'I don't want to join in this discussion' you don't have to give any opinions, if they continue to be shitty walk away
#186628 - thatoneolddog (15 hours ago) [-]
Should i leave the cage open for its parents?
It's still a hatchling so it can't fly yet..
But the cats concern me.
I wonder if they can reach that spot without me guarding it..
We have no birdseed, What else can it eat?
I tried giving it some mushy rice, It just strafes away.

Let me know what to do, I'm out for now.
User avatar #186682 to #186628 - dudeheit (6 hours ago) [-]
Well maybe the bird fell out of their nest or the parents abonded it. I don't think you can do much without a vet who is specialised with birds or an ornithologist, so probably it's going to die, sad as it is, sorry.
User avatar #186645 to #186628 - headlessmamii (13 hours ago) [-]
Could you put the cage out higher

And what type of bird is it? It may be able to eat lettuce but I want to be sure before I recommend it to you.
#186632 to #186628 - anonymous (14 hours ago) [-]
Where is it? I don't see it
User avatar #186606 - shuckmywang (16 hours ago) [-]
I did something stupid, please help...

A few days ago, I took one tiny little hit of weed (actually, i kissed my boyfriend and he breathed it into my mouth. So, in turn, I breathed it in)

Seven weeks ago I took a hit off his bong. I know that would be out of my system. Those are the only 2 times I have ever been high.

I applied to a place like 3 weeks ago. I never called them to follow up and didn't expect to hear from them but they called me yesterday and I had an interview today. They drug test. I really really want this job and I'm super worried about it.
User avatar #186647 to #186606 - damping (13 hours ago) [-]
Don't worry about it. If those are truly the only times you ever "smoked" then any of it would be out of your pee in less than a week. Drink a lot of water before hand if you want. It will dilute anything remaining. But three weeks is so much time you wont have a problem.

If you were a regular smoker of weed, it would be stored in your fat, and would take much longer. The skinnier you are, the faster it leaves your system.
User avatar #186651 to #186647 - shuckmywang (13 hours ago) [-]
Those really were the only times I was ever high and I'm not fat at all.

I was high Saturday night. It's Tuesday night now. I had an interview this morning.

I don't know when I will be asked to test. I'm worried they'll ask me too soon and it wont have a chance to clear out yet. I've been trying to flush my system all day. Drank 2qts of cranberry juice and I'm working on the same amount of water now before bed.
User avatar #186652 to #186651 - damping (13 hours ago) [-]
May I ask what kind of job it is? Like desk job at a corporation, hourly job, etc?
User avatar #186653 to #186652 - shuckmywang (13 hours ago) [-]
It's a job in a nursing home. I'll be directly in charge of taking care of the residents.

They're gonna send me to classes to become a STNA.
#186611 to #186606 - unitedabominations (16 hours ago) [-]
Sucks to suck.

User avatar #186613 to #186611 - shuckmywang (16 hours ago) [-]
Ya, pretty much
#186614 to #186613 - unitedabominations (16 hours ago) [-]
Depends on the kind of test it is.

Mouth swap, you're fucked. Follicle or piss test, you're straight.

Lots of other voodoo things have been said to work, Listerine before, EXCESSIVE drinking, and exercising.
User avatar #186617 to #186614 - shuckmywang (16 hours ago) [-]
I'm already working on the excessive drinking. I'm on the healthy side of average in regards to my weight so it shouldn't find a whole ton of fat to be sticking around in. It'll probably be a piss test. That's pretty standard and I know follicle tests are expensive. I've never even heard about the mouth swab before.
#186618 to #186617 - unitedabominations (15 hours ago) [-]
Mouth swap is what most jobs use now. Publix, Walmart, Target, etc. They all mouth swab because it's the fastest and cheapest, but it's also the easiest to full.

Also try giving a handy to your instructor.
User avatar #186619 to #186618 - shuckmywang (15 hours ago) [-]
I worked at Walmart a few months last year. They had me do a pee test.
I'm trying to get into a nursing home now. They wanna put me through a class to be a STNA.
I only had a very very small bit but even being so little, I'm more worried because of how much it affected me. Would that mean it would stay in my system more or less time? Or is that irrelevant?
#186621 to #186619 - unitedabominations (15 hours ago) [-]
First thing is to quit worrying. You can always request that the continued interview be pushed for a later date. If they want you as an employee, they can wait.

Old people are gonna die anyway.
User avatar #186622 to #186621 - shuckmywang (15 hours ago) [-]
Do you know what would be a safe amount of time? It's already been 3 days.
#186623 to #186622 - unitedabominations (15 hours ago) [-]
Takes about 30 to flush your system entirely.

I've taken GB hits and survived piss tests 2 weeks later. All depends who is administering and reviewing the test.
User avatar #186624 to #186623 - shuckmywang (15 hours ago) [-]
I won't be able to wait a whole 30 days. The class I need to take starts the 25th of this month.
#186625 to #186624 - unitedabominations (15 hours ago) [-]
Better hope lady luck is on your side, then.

Help old ladies across the street, give handy j's to random homeless guys, get kittens out of trees. That type of stuff increases luck.
User avatar #186626 to #186625 - shuckmywang (15 hours ago) [-]
Haha, ok thanks for the advice
#186627 to #186626 - unitedabominations (15 hours ago) [-]
yup no worries. Best of luck, let us know how it goes or hit me up if you need any more advice.
#186607 to #186606 - anonymous (16 hours ago) [-]
Nothing to do about it now. Do the test. If you fall it's not like you'll go to jail. You just won't get the job, but that'll kind of be on you.
User avatar #186609 to #186607 - shuckmywang (16 hours ago) [-]
I know it's my fault and it was a stupid thing to do and all that... just kinda wondering how long that would stay in my system since it's like almost nothing.

He said to drink a huge amount of water until then and i should be ok. That it should be pretty much gone in around 3 days anyway since it was such a small amount.

I'm gonna be pretty bummed if I miss out on this because I did something so stupid...
User avatar #186595 - bananaforlife (16 hours ago) [-]
So I'm looking for a bit of advice. There's a girl that I've never directly talked to but she's really nice and I want to get to know her. Thing is I only see her a few days of the year so I need to capitalize on one of those days. I get the feeling she likes me back, but i need a way to initiate that without committing fully to a date. any advice?
#186610 to #186595 - unitedabominations (16 hours ago) [-]
Holy shit just ask if she likes you or if she wants to go somewhere else to talk.
User avatar #186650 to #186610 - bananaforlife (13 hours ago) [-]
last time I used that method it resulted in a year and a half of abusive relationship and a following 9 months of depression...
User avatar #186600 to #186595 - supertanto (16 hours ago) [-]
show her your penis
User avatar #186602 to #186600 - bananaforlife (16 hours ago) [-]
I said I wanted to go out with her, not disappoint her
User avatar #186603 to #186602 - supertanto (16 hours ago) [-]
me too
User avatar #186589 - nonbenderinlife (17 hours ago) [-]
Good ways to stay awake during class? I find myself having a hard time staying awake during a specific subject and my other classmates get that as well. Coffee doesnt really work for me, are there any other ways of staying awake like excercises or something?
User avatar #186590 to #186589 - ieatbengay (17 hours ago) [-]
get more sleep

and pretend you're interested

keep moving and blood flowing

dont lean back in your chair sit upright without touching the back

drink water

moves your eyes all the way left, right, up, down and round in circles every now and again

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