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a i u e o... god this is cute


i don't own this just found it. this belongs to myu papa
and remember 3 year old is signing this so be nice

みゅうのぱぱオリジナル「あ うえおのうた」です。
3歳の娘、みゅうが一生懸命歌 ってくれました!
作曲もアニメも初挑戦! ですが、覚えやすいように作 たつもりです。

MyuPapa's original AIUEO song.
My 3-year-old daughter Myu sang very very good ;-)
First time to make a song and animation but I tried to make it catchy.
Hope you like it!

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Update: あいうえおのうた+がぎぐげご (Myu sings AIUEO+GAGIGUGEGO)

Views: 1299 Submitted: 10/11/2013