Zyvac's broken neck. zyvac. I have a similar story. In grade TI English I had had gone hem being a kindergarden years, to a highschool teacher, except reattachi sum funny sheit
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Zyvac's broken neck

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I have a similar story. In grade TI English I had had gone hem being a kindergarden years, to a highschool
teacher, except reattaching style didnt change. She would say "Okay class, put en your imaginary black hats, those are our emotional hats, and
relater's the character, new take black hat and put it effie the side, but we' ll be using it again keep it close, and put en your blue hat... blah
blah blah" can also crack my neck really loudly, and my girlfriend at the time sat beside me [net' s call dad was an army trained Medic,
and she' s taking a shit ton aid courses, all the teachers in the school knew this) I get fed up with her imaginary hat bullshit and crack my neck
really loud animall ever my desk, Amy starts laughing and checks my pulse, then freezes and starts freaking out. My English teacher starts freaking
out, and yelling, I start laughing at give it away and was then sent to the office and my ewn death
TLDR- Faked my ewn death in school, had chrst aid contact 'Verity' I was dead, got .
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In middle school, I had a science teacher who had taught literal retards her entire career (she was in her 40's pushing 50) and started teaching us that year. "Us" being the gifted students. Someone in all their wisdom thought it was a good idea to make a special ed teacher the one and only teacher for gifted math and science. She talked to us like we were literal retards. During lessons she would start a word and trail off the second half of the word expecting us to finish them as part of the lesson. Of course, no one ever did because we were perfectly capable of learning from a lecture and didn't need any dumbass "hands-on teaching" so she would always drag out the word and then finally just finish it on her own. Despite no one EVER going along with it, she continued it for 4 months. One day, after she sat us in a ******* circle and read us a story about a start named [something stupid, I don't remember] I lost my ****. The next time she did her drawn out word this was "Ok class, now we know that the Earth orbits the sun and reeeeeeeeeee-"

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meta bots was pretty cool