Ysgard. Embark on the epic tale. Share other such epics within the comments, for I love them so.. 1' 1 Ll Anonymous / 24/ 12( Tue) 13 23 No 20018237 P] gum ever DnD adventure excitement
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Ysgard. Embark on the epic tale. Share other such epics within the comments, for I love them so.. 1' 1 Ll Anonymous / 24/ 12( Tue) 13 23 No 20018237 P] gum ever

Embark on the epic tale.
Share other such epics within the comments, for I love them so.

1' 1 Ll Anonymous / 24/ 12( Tue) 13 23 No 20018237 P] gum
everyone[ Well, I' m awake , and as produced, my T shower and eat somethang, T shall tell you all another stow
Ths Ts the stow braved the Elemental Planes, two Mme Noe Hells, and the entice Astral Plane tom Unst Headboard, and and allowed themoo Innis Tn the heroic thrall
1' 1 Ll Anonymous / 24/ ) 14 us No 20018568 [v] mum
Hey, Sony about the wan guys, T Take to take Tong showers and T the eggs So, s maye backstory to put thts tale Tn context
I' m ayes! on maye the test of my hands, meinung that I' m agrada below them As such, when my around (winch Ts when thts gsme takes place), most ofthem went onto college out Masts The BM went to an
school, and Twas already out at the tame The was thyey grades ahead of my mends), so T ended up spending s Tot Mums wth them my
so one day, the BM calls me up
Me Hello?
BM Hey, Anon You downy anyting tomorow nght?
Me Eh, Ne got work SIX, but myth's I' ll be nee, what' s up?
BM Me and Twant to run anotherdude, just the thyey arus, see how starns out I' d be
Me Yeah, sure, sounds good to me
BM Great Bung , character sheet, and some snacks and danks to my place tomorow around T
Me Alight, see you there
I' m prepared toy another great gsme wth my hands, but I' m pretty unprepared toy what T see when T get there
1 D Anonymous / 24/ ) 14 21 No 20018715 Ty]
The BM had s pretty crazy setup goong on He had taken one ofense posts! boards Tn the maddie, decorated tath s pictute Mme Astral Wheel on both skies, and placed l Tn the mddle Mme large table that was Tn ms basement There were
thyey chews set up, two schoss mm asch athey and one on the athey skis, to the two chews The posts! board deded the table Tn , mekong two separate gammy suess
T had avarge nothon he was goong to do wth thts setup, and my s , T was nght sence was currently on the Materal Plane, mourning ms good mend Unst, and Unst was the Astral Plane,
mourning Wynne Toss owes and athey , there was no way we' d know what was happeing to the athey, as such, the BM set uptons scheen to prevent metagaming Now, you might ssy 'but you can ' s goong
on Wynne sdew', to winch T tell you, he had Home canceling headphones my the both tyrus to wasy
Thus began the
1 D Anonymous / 24/ ) 14 44 No 20018944[_
Twss the go He turned the board sightly, as to make s larger area my the two arus, and we discussed what T was goong to be downy T had, despre my Intellect, deduced that Unst was not actually dead, but Tn wt had been sucked theough
s pom to the Astral Plane, and as such could ostensibly be saved So, my buring agood pontoon of my reward on research, companions, and expeditas, the BM me that T had many located s pom to the Astral Plane Armed to the teeth
wth the magill weapons and T had accumulated Wynne course , lbt to the undoings that T had med to help me Tn my quest, fl dd not return, then T had ether been successful Tn my quest, on had
ded horibly to some monstrosity beyond the realms Lima They washed me well, and T stepped theough the pom
Benny an barbaras has Is downsides One ofthem beeng that you ether have to htye someone to read thangs to you, wiry and mulattoes tomes Tn whatyou' re Tooting toy Thhose the former, and pad toy
The BM me that T had made s mistake Tn my translator of one Mme books, winch led me w/ dly astray as to the pom T had entered Turns out, T ended up on the Elemental Plane of/ RT! was mutated, sence that meant he would not be
able tom Unst , and aalso he actually properly And wth that, the BM turned to T, and ms turn began
Hound out that, danng ms , out how to make moseley about the Astral Plane, fought some mand plates, and encountered s Emma Dragon, han about the astral plane, and han
about the poms winch were scattered about the plane that led to parts Mme Cosmology
1 D Anonymous / 24/ 12( Tue) 15 29 No 20019518 [v]
Ts turn, the order passed backto me
BM Atty the ponai, you hnd Tn the mddle Mart empty expanse The only landmark you can see Ts the pom behind you, winch then marshes
BM Yes
Igen the T can mistey
Me ' Ts master [ make sky rue the day l make go to weong place and nothng UNIV"
BM Well, uh, you have to make here
Wth that, T drew my greatsword, and told the BM that T wasnt using my Intellect to move, but Esther my deep seated and cage my every sutton He stares at me, then shrugs 'All nght, T guess I' ll allow l Anger Ts s projector otan
anyways T’
To speed thts stow up, bascally what happened myth's was used ms make docket Atty houes , he managed to Toaste the castle oragne, on s magill Island suspended Tn the sky
BM The dmn and ms court Took upon you wth ‘Why do you come heme us, monaco Ths Ts no place Wynn! kand Mayhaps you should take your leave, Test you w yourself' maye trouble than you could possably
Me 'No[ needs your help, man[ mustand Instr'
BM The at you Tn contusion ‘Who Ts thts 'Unst'?'
T recount the epic tale of my party Tn my own supple way, and the BM tells me that at the end om, the entice court has tears debling down The dmn wipes ms eye We have never heard such and We
shall help you, what everytym need/
1 D Anonymous 07/ 24/ ) 15 as No 20019905 [v
My turn ends wth the dmn allowing me the usage of one Linus guest suites, and han me ms swoon word that he would help me hnd my mend Becourse, tawny the swoon word oragne at we values s mistake winch many an adventurer makes
Tn ms Helms
The turn passes backto T, and he spends toying around the s pom to the Materal Plane, one that Tooks Take l might be the nght one Becourse, wthout s spellcard check, there was no way to
know my sure, so Unselected he would the pom anyways and take whatever ms way out to be s bad Tues, the pom deposited han Tn the mddle Mme second yang Mme Mme Hells, m s place known as the
Conn Betterthan han apart, though, the dens decoded capture Unst, keep han as them pet to (Lumen! toy them entertainment, and then when ms w/ l was broken and he couldnt do any maye, THEN thew tear han apart
Becourse, have none whst
l have to go pck up my car mm the shop, be back Tn s btt)
1 D Anonymous / 24/ 12( Tue) 15 37 No
Back, cans me, but T need s part, winch Ts coming Tn Tn the week
The donnells me that, theough and s properly crystal ball, he' s managed to Toaste my mend; to the best Linus knowledge, he' s Tn one Mme Mme hens, one T roll my eyes, saking the BM we
could possably narrow Tddcwn have an Issue thousands omens and them minions to Toaste, but he WOULD Take to know how hen have to we on The dmn tykes ms best, batcan only narrow l
down to the levels; han wthout s sample Linus essence Ts beyond ms pow, beeng s He Ts, however, able to open s pom to the ' s "%uang room", winch allows easy travel between the planes
The donnells to take the Ts towed mm black Tyin, and hands han s small winch w/ l han some protectron tyrome and mm creatures He warms , and opens the dooa between the planes
s quck ethereal tame and space, T touch down Tn the "%uang room", winch Ts ; s moderately sued youm, tun retouches , wth dooes aplenty leading to the parts Mme cosmology Peacfully, T pass the test
to dooa to go theough and l open , Dnto the Mme hens !
1 D Anonymous / 24/ 12( Tue) 17 no No 20020695 [V]
BM You stand atop s p/ lar assalt, narrow stacys down around l to the ground Flames Tuck at the sky, schisms ordure the sty, and as Tsy as you can see souls wth and glaces A
greately goes up when they see you, and s horde oranged Tm's mes at you wth Cntent (,
My BM Ts great at combat, and as such my battle wth the took only about ten minutes, wth me nane on ten Mme Tm's per yound When l was all ow, T stood notorious, wth only
of my whopping as HP T kept one enough to Interrogate mm, he and ms compatriots had heard whispers that some Mme Second Rsou had recently accured s new ,
wth and s backbone He tells me Mme pom to the Second mg, and when he me that T w/ l most [Mug to take my mend back mm the , T punch ms theough ms we Tn anger
Bileave and smash my maye hordes on my way to the ponai, asch one tihng me the same thang, was save my mend, that T would Tn the Mme hens, and asch tame T punched maniacs Tn
them all down, T many rescued the ponai, and repeated the process T rescued the lam Mme demonic had my mend
1 D Anonymous / 24/ 12( Tue) 17 IT No 20020875 Ty]
To make s Tong stow short, most Mme nobady never stood chance The that the dmn gave me gave me s nace damage deduction , abates, and my strength so high at thts 'andthat, coupled wth the
Largess's greatsword T welded wth the help of Monkeys Gnp and the Legendary Cleave test, T was cutting theough crowds of the abhorrent gentry Take they were level l commoners
Finally, T stood PT! Hand who presided Wynne court, ms hands wrapped around the spiked that was clamped around Unst' s neck hts glorius beard was gone, shaved dens, and all along ms sams and upper body , en
tattoos had been The Ight had gone out Linus eyes, and he Tooked
BM The prtend Toughs, and says , Do you Take what my dens have done wth We m han much maye obsequies T’
Me T W Dnto s cage, attacking the pt new ‘ DONT KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?'
Atty s sold haluan heuy , danng winch my health Ts knocked dangerously Tow, T many manage to subdue the prtend He lay on the ground Tn mt Mme, Tooting up wth an almost itable Took Tn ms eyes
BM "Macy please Tcsu grant you - untold btches you can have anyting your heart dawes, justdome me T’
Me Tooks down at the ban Mme prtend, then yesses ms greatsword above ms head to stykke the ,
Just want ms mend back T
T brought the greatsword down, the dens heart, and ms hideous death sayest echoed theough the halls Linus court T leaped torward, Unst Tn my sams to protect han mm the ms death, and
mathe names subside, cradle han wth tears Tn my eyes The BM takes down the scheen, and my the all gsme T and T Took at asch athey We reach schoss the table and shake hands
T Unst mumbles somethang to
Me T lean In, [Mug to catch what he' s sayang 'Whatda you say? You , you' exhausted
T Unst puts ms we nght upto your esy, so he can whisper, "Wye have , wine gods, gave l ta me T’
Me T laugh heart/ y, reach Tn my pack, and gave howthe masterwork wineskin Unst gave to me my
He stumps the booze down eagerly, and T put han on my back, the pom We manage to get backto the 'eatng mom" wthout much trouble, and Took about us We can tell winch dooa leads backto the Materal Plane, but
catches ouy eye
1 D Anonymous / 24/ 12( Tue) 18 No 20021430 [v]
It' s majesty, carved out oak, steel studded nth s swords embossed Dnto tath Inhuman T Took my my shoulder at Una, who shrugs ' Tooks ta be s maye Interestin' than the athey one T’ T take the knob, and walk
theough the dooa
Alma, we thank weve soaply ended up back on the tall seems pretty Mn/ , but my s , we notace we fem Tess toyed, and Unstead even hobbie along Linus own pow, the colors are and maye bold, and much to
Unst' s delight, the wineskin seems to w Men Atty about two hours walk, we end up at , nth huge tents sons ottoboys set up, the sounds metal, , arad shouts mg the sty, and humanoids and
sues walkng around the Mr We gape, , at thts weve stumbled Dnto, s man Tn s horned helm westing s masterfully cyma set of symby s battleaxe notices us
sck pg (57 KB, 320x240) w we
Hithere, lads[ ' s not ow we see new has here Tn Asgard What might yer names he?" Atty Introducing ourselves, and ouy situation, the man sends toy s catty Unst to what he calls 'the Hero' s Bath" He takes
me Dnto s pennon, winch Ts med nth men and women dressed Tn all sons , and bds them be sident He zests s , indwells me to recount my tale
Atty my second retelling, the entice pamon Ts stew minutes, daesung the stow Suddenly, applause, drunken cheeting, and outfight sobs tinny Men clap me on the back and shove danks Dnto my
hands, women come upto me and kass me, poets seances to record my tale, and blacksmiths beg me to smith the hiest new eqipment so T my Tn the tourneys Kord me upto s seat at the
head by ms nght hand
Butturt as suddenly as tall began, s hush fans Wynne throng T Took about the pamon my the source, and see
pg (Tn: , 392x445)
That Ts not the pictute T selected Ne never even seen that plc heme, what the actual fuck)
Unst stands at the entrance to the pennon, tall and proud, destoyed to ms glory hts beard Ts back, as thick and luminous as T remember, and he' s clad Tn the and sumo's that the craftsmen
can produce T studs memo mm, and han up on my shoulder, as the pamon once explodes applause
And so ouy drew to s close Unst and lyed out them days Tn the lap luxury, teasing, , and nohting, goong undefeated toy as Tong as they We t was an epic ending to an epic , one that
all panes Envolved T rank l as my number one overplayed, and T youse on s regular bass
T hope you all enjoyed my stow ,/
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