World War Crow. NOT OC it's like 3 months old. MI File: 11 FEB, 247x204, crow, jpg) I " . Anonymous ( Tue) No. 520558752 So ml Ne been having fun ever the past
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World War Crow

it's like 3 months old

MI File: 11 FEB, 247x204, crow, jpg)
I " . Anonymous ( Tue) No. 520558752
So ml Ne been having fun ever the past few weeks and figured I' d share.
2 Where I work there are thousands ercrers that show up every single night.
2 They hang around fer like 4 hours at night, then take off, and show up the next night.
2 Was reading up on crows because **** it, interested.
2 Apparently they' re smart as **** .
2 They recognize faces, and can fem preferences in people depending on how they' re treated.
2 A wild idea appears-
2 I start trying to piss off this group ercrers that hang em in the trees near work.
2 I threw rocks at them, and shake the tree and chase them whenever I can.
2 Meanwhile, the grass crows acre's the street, just chill by the mcdicks.
2 Every time I go to mcd' s, I get extra large fries, and feed the grass crews.
2 They start to like me, while the tree crows hate my **** .
2 Tree crows threw nuts and try to **** on me all the time (i dodge bird **** like I dodge wrenches now)
2 Grass crows still super bros, and now try to feller me when I walk into mcd' s.
2 I keep this up fer a few more weeks, and I' m noticing a bigger divide in the crews.
2 Grass crows now feller me acre's the read to make sure I get back to work safe-
2 Tree crows getting more aggressive and sit on my building and wait fer me to walk em-
2 Ne created a great war between two formerly friendly nations.
2 World War Crow commences-
2 I am fueling it with french fries.
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Submitted: 01/14/2014
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