World Freedom Day. Burraki and I were at McDonald's and since it's freedom day, I got a Mega Mac. It's a Big Mac, but with 8 patties instead of 2.. McDonalds funny america

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#5 - fluffington (07/05/2014) [-]
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User avatar #4 - nudybooty (07/05/2014) [+] (2 replies)
Why does he look like this guy named Justin that I use to know
#6 - anonymous (07/05/2014) [-]
#1 - fukyu (07/04/2014) [+] (1 reply)
never heard it called freedom day, not bitching just saying never heard that one, is it something you have said ur whole life? i have heard it called the obvious ones like "the 4th" or "Independence day" ev en "fireworks day" by small children.. again i am just curious as to when or how you learned to call it freedom day
User avatar #2 - elmarcocfc (07/04/2014) [-]
Enjoy yer heart attack m8
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