Work Party. This is my second green-text story her on FJ, OC of course This is a link to the first one: The Hemp Man /The+Hemp+Man/funny-pictures/5027059/. This work Party drinking piss
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Work Party

Work Party. This is my second green-text story her on FJ, OC of course This is a link to the first one: The Hemp Man /The+Hemp+Man/funny-pictures/5027059/. This

This is my second green-text story her on FJ, OC of course

This is a link to the first one: The Hemp Man

This story takes place at the same jeb as my last story, heavyer I had been there
fer 2 years and the staff had almost completely changed around me, New
manager, He Armyguy. In fact there were all new employees except fer me and a
few whe transferred frem ether branches.
Just get a new apartment
Peeple at werk knew
the guys whe transferred frem anither branch was a Partyvan
Layed drink and party (missed werk a let frem this)
Partyvan finds eut abaut my apartment, wants cemo ayer and party
him I' m mot feeling it {dent really like this kid)
Dent wanna buy drinks and feed fer peeple
Partyvan tells ethers that they sheild party at my place
transfer finds eut: Buddy (he calls eberyone buddy)
Bluddy likes party as well, tee much
Buddy starts bugging me abaut a party
Manager finds eut
year eld black dude, very full himself
Manager agrees, wants cemo party
all effer buy the alcahol and everything fer the party
cave in
Laater that night, Buddy and Partyvan shew up with abaut so beers
Manager right behind them with a 24 pack
Everyone is carrying bags, they empty them ente the table
SOCO, Gin, Absolute, as well as cranberry juice and pineapple juice
all gather around the table (seats six and mere will be Deming)
Everyone gets a beer and Partyvan pulls eut a deck cards
Whants play Some crazy game that nene us understand, and we' re saber
He walks us through the game as we
game gets eberyone kinda drunk fast
Manager keeps dawning shets Bacardi throughout the game fer the hell it
game gets mere complicated as it gees
the end I have idea what' s happening
Buddy and I tie fer the win somehow
Everyone except Partyvan wants put cards away
Manager says "That game was bullshit"
Milli agree, mere games new
Bluddy keeps peering me victory shets
already did this like 4 times but keep taking them
girl frem werk shews up in time see us all wasted
has a few shets but remains mostly saber
is still drinking, mostly Gin new
insists I try SOCO and cranberry juice
him okay but mot a let
fills a sele cup abaut 1/ 3 full cranberry juice
deps eff cup with SIDED
Dude wtf are you dc/ mg!"
Pa redfag says “Dent be scared me”
up the cup and try it. Tastes fucking delicious
Aafter half the cup I inte my bathromm pee
Bluddy and skinny feller me inte the bedroom (master bedroom)
pee, then cemo eut and they' re leeking around my reem
Beth mention my guitar
play a little bit, idea hew I sounded
put the guitar dawn, try talk
Spuddenly I see red cemo eut, lands en white carpet
kinda freaks eut
what' s happening
Spuddenly have puke
red was frem cranberry juice, must have puked earlier
can' t leave the bathromm, stay there fer almost 2 hears
Fiinally recover, get up and inte living reem
s tee quiet. Partyvan and Buddy are gene
t find manager, his car is still here
leek around. Little black spots are all ayer the walls
Find a slice cheese en the carpet...
perder en the hardwood fleur
Milne my chairs is in the middle the reem
Dark stain cybering the cushion...
Skinny in the kitchen. Net drunk just making Some feed
her a bit
Appearently Buddy faund a bex snaps at Some paint
Duhrew them at peeple (Black marks en the walls)
he get inte my fridge and threw cheese at sameone
get the garlic perder and sprinkled it en peeple
Bluddy is 35 years eld...
Manager was getting tee drunk, cerldnt stand the light and naise
Find eut he passed eut in his chair earlier
fucking pissed in my chair!? Se much piss wtf
put him en the perch after that
Essentually manager semes back in. Still trashed
Tories act like he' s saber
t remember what you said leng enaugh make a proper response
Trrying mot let him leave. Tee drunk
He went step arguing
Leek en the perch. Grill is completely bent
was a charcoal grill. He fell en it
it, he can . I' m mot a babysitter
leaves. I immediately crash en my bed
MFW Manager gets ragged en fer weeks afterward
MMFW there are 30 beers left in my fridge
MMFW Buddy has buy my next reind groceries
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MFW you have no face
MFW you have no face