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Wolverine Facts

Wolverine Facts
Wolverine was intended to be a teenager by
Len Wein but that idea was
Wolverine' s senses are so well honed, he can
identify shape shifters and sense when
people are lying
several times. There are rumors that he was
originally going to be an actual wolverine
that mutated into a human
Wolverine has a son named Daken and a
daughter" who is actually a female clone of
himself named
According to his most recent origin story,
Wolverine was born in . He fought in
both World War One and World War Two.
He even worked as a covert agent for the
CIA during the Cold War
Wolverine doesn' t rust many people, but he
completely trusts Captain America, Nick Fury,
Spiderpman, and Jean Grey
Wolverine is virtually indestructible. He s
bounced backroom being run over bya
steamroller, from been ripped in half by the
Hulk and left for dead for over 3 years, and
even from an atomic bomb blast
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