Wise words. . H dildo's Lincoln. And thats the story of how he freed the slaves
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And thats the story of how he freed the slaves
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Have fun
Have fun
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Ooooh **** . no.
I can't look at this without dying a little inside.
let me explain.
just a few months back, I came across this and saved it to my hard drive.
being an idiot, I tend to actually download images/gifs instead of just favoriting them.
soooo, here I am with quite a few images just floating around, and I have a few backgrounds for my computer that I switch through.
to summarize, I accidentally mad this my wallpaper, and didn't notice until my mother walked up looked at my background.
i had some explaining to do.

luckily for me, she's one of those moms who are all like, "I can download RAM" so I eventually convinced here it was a virus.
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