Wil Wheaton. . At Calgary Expo 2013 Wil Wheaten was asked by a fan tell her newborn daughter why being a nerd is awesome. His answer couldn' t have been better,
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Wil Wheaton

At Calgary Expo 2013 Wil Wheaten was asked by a fan tell her
newborn daughter why being a nerd is awesome.
His answer couldn' t have been better,
Hi , My name is will Wheaten, its 2013 and yeu' just recently
mined us en planet earth, so welcome-
I' m an actor, I' m a writer, and I' m a dad, and your mother asked mete
tell yeu why it' s to be a nerd, and that' s an easy thing far me
to do because that' s whet am.
I dent knew what the words going ta be like by the time that yeu are
eld enaugh to understand this. I don' t knew what it' s geing mean to be
a nerd when you are a mung weman_
For me when I was growing up being a nerd meant
I liked things that were a little weird,
that teek a let of effort to understand and appreciate.
It meant that I Reved science;
it meant that I loved playing
beard games and reading hooks,
and really understanding what
went en in the world instead of
just riding the planet thru space.
And when I was a little boy steeple
really teased us about that.,.
and made us feel wrang fer wring
those things.
and the werld has changed a let. and I think a let of us have realized
that in being a nerd. er being a geek,,,
it' s not about what you love;
it' s about how yeu Ieve it.
Se there' s geing to be a thing in ytour life that yeu Ieve. and I den' t
knew what it' s geing be
It might be spews. it might be science- it might be reading. it might be
fashion design, it might be building things, it might be telling stories er
taking pictures. " deem‘: matter what it is,.,
The way you Ieve that, and the way that you find other
people who Ieve it the way yeu do is what makes being
a nerd awesome.
The defining characteristic ct us.._ the people in the mom (camera pans to
the audience with cheers]
The defining characteristic that ties us all together
is that we Ieve things.
And same ct us revs Firefly. and some of us have Game er Thrones. these
are things we' ll be able see in year histery books. t laughs)
Esme of us Ieve star trek. er star wars er anklets. er games. er fantasy er
science .
Same er’ us Ieve completely bittorent things. but we all have these Wags so
much that we travel tor thousand's ‘er Ir' iles t which is probably easy fer yeu.
but we' re. still en missil fuels)... we cents from ail over, in sects cases all ever
the warld so that we ear‘: be Arel, : i people Ieve the things we Ieve. the
way ? ante. atr' lehre.. and that' s why being a nerd is awesome.
And den' t ever let emcee tell yeu that that thing that yeu Ieve is a
thing yeu can' t Ieve.
Elect ever let anycase tell yeu that yeu can' t Ieve that "that' s far I: leys"
yeu have Ieva this, cause yeu are a girl, you find the things
that you love and you Ieve them the most that
you can.
and listen this is really important-.
I want you to he hinest, honorable, and kind. And I
want yeu to work hard, because everything worth
doing is hard....
and I want you to be awesome.
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User avatar #2 - ninjask (11/10/2013) [+] (8 replies)
wil wheaton is a prick.
User avatar #4 to #3 - herebemonstars (11/10/2013) [-]
You should Ask Dr.Sheldon Cooper
User avatar #11 - maybeimalion (11/10/2013) [-]
I'm not a fan of this. Being a nerd isn't a good thing. I'm a nerd, and it isn't "awesome" I enjoy things that average people don't. I live in a way that they find strange, and I get chastised for it...even by my own parents. I've failed so far as an adult, and my only comfort is my nerdy hobbies... I try my best to do the right thing, but even when I do it means nothing to them because I don't absolutely adore cars, and tinkering with **** . This statement while lovely, is nothing more than idealism. Being a nerd is hard...it hurts. You will be lonely. However it is the single most wonderful lifestyle in the world because it is so broad and unique.
#1 - mudkipfucker (11/09/2013) [-]
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