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Okay here's the thing.

Girls who sleep around are called sluts. That's just what that word means.

The thing is being a slut is considered a negative to the point that the word slut is considered an insult.

Why is that?

It's because the perception is that being a slut is easy.

Meanwhile being a dude who sleeps around is typically considered to be more difficult.

It all stems back to the idea that people do not respect the "easy way out".

It's the same idea with the skinny vs fat thing. General perception is that it's better to be skinny because it's more difficult. It's easier to just be a fatass and not care.

Hundreds of years ago when nobody had food, bigger women were considered attractive because it meant they were well off (which is more difficult).

White power vs black power? Same thing. In many parts of the world life is easier if you're white. Therefore people don't think it's something to be proud of.