Why are these always so aggressive?. just another badass from history credit goes to whoever made it. derrer fuk u on aboot" I hear you you uneducated little .
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Why are these always so aggressive?

just another badass from history
credit goes to whoever made it

derrer fuk u on aboot" I hear you you uneducated little
**** . Well, this is the HMS Famillies;
This ship saw action ******* everywhere. When she came up
against EIGHT torpedo boats, her and her convoy
Then when she was 2: 1 with vastly inferior
equipment againt Italian battleships, she forced the pizza-
loving ***** into retreat, pretty much single handedly.
So what? You might be asking, Italians run just as much as the
French. Well;.
She even came up against Germany' s most fierce ship at
the time, the Bismarck, which she also scared into
submission, protecting a convoy of 57 ships.
Even the Japanese got pissed at her and launched submarines
at her, firing off torpedos like mad, after blowing up half her
hull and thinking her dead, she sailed into port and fixed
herself the **** up - And even added more firepower to this
She even scooted up to the ******* coastline and opened fire on
German guns, ******* up six in an hour and another two
shortly after, letting those landing on Sword Beach to get up
there without getting molested by the schnitzel eating ******* .
She then repelled two German destroyers which fired five
torpedoes, which she managed to ******* dodge, then drove
off a wolfpack of Eqbeats with her secondary guns.
Not only all that, but she opened fire and hit a concentrate
of German tanks. Who got so pissed
off the German mobile artillery tried to **** her, only two
rounds touched her.
This machine then proceeds to go and ****
up Normandy even more, FIRING 1002 14 INCH SHELLS
ONTO THE SHORE to help Allied forces.
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Submitted: 12/14/2013
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#2 - mondprinzessin ONLINE (12/14/2013) [-]
well this turned me on a little
well this turned me on a little
User avatar #1 - captainbh (12/14/2013) [+] (1 reply)
Too bad it didn't meet the Bismarck for real, it would of destroyed this little **** .
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