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Who wants to know about religion?

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Submitted: 08/01/2014
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User avatar #1 - britexplain (08/01/2014) [+] (16 replies)
Do any gods actually exist?
#19 - thearcher (08/01/2014) [+] (1 reply)
In the bible it's allegedly said that it non-directly promotes pedophilia due to it enforcing sexual consummation within wedlock (as you'd expect) but not actually having a minimum age limit on said marriage. This and the fact that in some societies a girl can get married at 14 (with the express permission of her legal guardian) makes it seem like pedophilia in both cases isn't being completely forbidden/outlawed.

My question - what gives in both circumstances?
#21 to #19 - tmanboy (08/01/2014) [-]
Religiously, from a Biblical standpoint, I would say that this was clearly not spoken about either because it was not important at the time, was forgotten (unlikely), or was simply left to the social/political conventions at the time. When something is left out of a holy book such as the Bible, it's usually because it isn't needed, meaning that there's already some law in place or otherwise that keeps people from doing it. For example, if "otherkin" existed in biblical times something probably would have been written about them, however because it was not an issue at the time it was simply omitted. I'm guessing that's what happened, either pedophilia in wedlock was acceptable (and didn't have to be written about, my history's shady but I believe this was likely the case) or it just wasn't an issue at all. For the second part of your question, social and political conventions are often based on tradition and either change in time when they become socially unacceptable or considered an abhorrence by enough of a majority where it becomes outlawed. To put this into perspective, imagine a dog. He poops on the rug, you tell him not to, he doesn't give a **** . Everything is fine and dandy to him and he sees nothing wrong with it. Training him, would be like the social/political majority intervening, eventually if he gets yelled at enough by one person or enough people, he's probably gonna stop. Do I think pedophilia is wrong? Yes, psychologically I think it's kinda messed up usually because it involves some kind of fetishism and involves one person using there age as a type of power to have control of a person who does not have said power. BUT, that's not for me to say (at least not to everyone) because in other cultures it may be perfectly acceptable. TLDR: part 1, probably wasn't a concern for the Bible because it was socially accepted and therefore didn't require a teaching. part 2, I think pedophilia is messed up (psychologist here) and I can tell you lot's of reasons why, but if it's socially acceptable by a culture there's not much I can do about it and in this case my opinion doesn't count for much
User avatar #12 - theotherdudec (08/01/2014) [+] (1 reply)
From what I, a Christian, understand about the Muslim Brotherhood. They are a somewhat extreme branch of Islam that have actually made plans on how to take over America through immigration. By the time enough Muslims live in America and everyone is too afraid to speak out for being called an "Islamaphobist", they will have a "jihad" and kind of take over. What are your thoughts, if any one this?
#17 to #12 - tmanboy (08/01/2014) [-]
Well, yet again, we're talking about a sub-sect of a religion and as such can't necessarily always be trusted as a committing to core beliefs properly. That being said there are some things that need to be understood here, simply stated they seem to want to combine the teachings of the Qur'an with political rulings, not necessarily in a negative way (ideally). I personally don't believe that a combination of church and state can or should ever exist as it simply muddles two already easily corruptible systems. HOWEVER, it cannot be denied that groups associated with this sub-sect have malicious intent, but we cannot use that as a means to attempt to block immigration for Muslims or those who believe the teachings of Islam, most specifically because we are a country that believes in ideological and religious freedom. You cannot assume that all Muslims, or even the ones who associate with the Muslim brotherhood are going to always be evil. A person's actions, words, and thoughts are what make a person evil not the core religious belief they hold. You shouldn't be scared of Muslims living in America, they're just people, same as you and me man. Two final notes, Jihad means "to struggle in the way of Allah" it's open to interpretation by anybody and doesn't mean wanting to kill somebody (it can be interpreted as simply struggling in one's faith or similar concepts). Secondly, (source: I'm a psychologist) a phobia is a debilitating fear which often disrupts social or personal facets of life, it doesn't mean hating something. For example, "homophobia" properly means being afraid of homosexuals, not hating them for their way of life (society has changed its meaning to mean that, but not much i can do about that). So you may be called, insensitive to their religion if you don't think Muslims should be allowed in the country, but if you are generally worried/scared of those who follow Islam (Muslims) and it's messing up the way you live your life, or if your thoughts are constantly being intruded by thoughts of Muslim extremists destroying your way of life, I suggest some sort of exposure therapy or self-help therapy. If it's extreme, you may wanna see somebody about it (although from the sounds of it I don't think you have an actual phobia)
User avatar #3 - mrshrapnel (08/01/2014) [+] (6 replies)
Why would any god find it interesting wheter i stroke the ferret or not?
#32 - grandogger (10/15/2014) [+] (1 reply)
OP I like your post and I have read these comments and enjoyed them thoroughly. just wanted to say thank you.
User avatar #30 - zenith (08/02/2014) [-]
As a Christian, I wouldn't mind answering any questions anyone has.

Just reply to this comment and I'll try my best to answer them.

If OP would be kind enough to sticky this comment, much would be appreciated.
#24 - anonymous (08/01/2014) [+] (1 reply)
How ****** fake is Mormonism is it a cult and why do they wear magic underwear???
eat a dick mormons
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