Where did you go?. This is a repost. I am a reposter.. s 19 r-"' -' s. dating for months now e, Fa guy named Joe comes out offi. acking nowhere into my life l ' 4Chan 4chen 4chin 4chon 4chun repost
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Where did you go?

This is a repost. I am a reposter.

s 19
r-"' -' s. dating for months now
e, Fa guy named Joe comes out offi. acking nowhere into my life
l ' s my new coworker at my company
a out he has no money, no place of residence
Patwed job and can no longer afford his hotel
C- Suecide to open upto him
skeep him in my apartment for weeks
J “*1 is pretty cool
play the vidya, drinks beers, watch football
If it continues for months
find out girlfriend is pregnant
fly all tradition. I have to marry her now-
Milne night, eating out at dinner white wife
aloe stayed late at the office for some overtime
kl popeye question my wife
admits she was raped by Joe and the baby an mine
isn' t ready to make a commitment after being violated
home in a ******* rage
out all Joe' s ****
Goonna ******* kill Joe when he gets home.
aloe gets home about 1 aral.
was soon as he opens the door, I ******* punch him in his bastard face.
swells up like a ball
swings at me
Stodge and sweep his leg
falls down
an a giant ******* rage now
rise to ******* room. grab my handgun out my drawer
back to confront Joe
aloe jumps in his car and ******* hightails it out outhere
kl haven' t seen or heard from him since
aim the phone a month my brother
finally ask why Ne been so depressed
rd tell him if it hand' t been for cottonseed Joe
Nd been married a longtime ago
Wehere did he come form, where did you go-
Wehere did you come from, Joe?
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Submitted: 11/27/2013
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User avatar #3 - jamieswhiteshirt ONLINE (11/27/2013) [-]
I read Joe and instantly knew this could have a Cotton Eye Joe ending.
User avatar #1 - fuzzypickles (11/27/2013) [-]
This might just be the best green text ive ever read.
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