Whenever you are feeling down, remember. They will take all the you throw at them and still put up with it. THOUSANDS OF TEENS IN FASTED CARE WIULD LOVE TO PUT  foster care kids
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#2 - anonymous (03/01/2014) [-]
been fostering kids for years. ( 11 in about 10 years) and they all stole from me. some smeared their **** across their rooms. one even stole our clothes, cut them up and used them as toilet paper. they attack you, and your pets on purpose to get attention.they are in care for a reason, their parents cant even deal with them.

this one horrible girl, even tried to run back to her mums ( who had recently moved to France without telling her) and took our 3 year old with her, without a coat or anything. found her hiding in a ditch down the M1. god if I could have punched her, I bloody would have

they are all messed up in some way. im so glad I don't do that anymore. I now foster disabled children instead, much easier to care for them, and they give you love back. unlike the ungrateful ***** I had to looked after over the years.
User avatar #1 - evilanakie ONLINE (03/01/2014) [-]
i went through home after home
they eventually dumped me at my mothers door
from ages 3-12 i was constantly shifting with my grandmother holding me away from my mother
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