When even yahoo has more win than tumblr. . Why do Japanese really hate the whales and dolphins? it Best Answer I Roger answered 5 years ago E they were first a Yahoo southpark whales Japanese
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When even yahoo has more win than tumblr

Why do Japanese really hate the whales and dolphins? it
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I Roger answered 5 years ago E
they were first assumed by the Japanese to have piloted the Enola Gay, which was the vessel that nuked Japan
twice during the World War II. The Americans were nice enough to report this situation to Japan, who then by
grudges were set out to destroy all traces of whales and dolphins (yes, even the Miami Dolphins). Although this
ended WWII, the Japanese have been falsely accusing whales and dolphins because the image that was proof
happened to be fake, the real pilots of the Enola Gay was in fact, a cow and a chicken.
but anyway:
The official reason that Japan gives for whale hunting is "scientific research". They say the only way to determine
the whale' s age is to kill it. The purpose ofthe "research" is to prove that whale populations have improved
enough to allow commercial whaling which was banned by the International Whaling Commission in 1986.
However, the whale meat is sold as . It is likely this is the real reason for the whale hunting.
In recent years activists have disrupted whale hunting in the arctic.
Whaling in the world is now banned, whales were considered threatened in 1950, then endangered in 1963, they
were banned in 1986. There are some countries that still continue to harpoon whales, one certain country has a
long history of harpooning whales, and is currently aiming to hunt a total of IOM whales (which will be one of
their most biggest catches in 2 decades), which is Japan. Some of their whaling is in the near the Antarctic
Ocean, and a few boats near the Australian Border. Australians are trying to stop them, but the Japanese say
that they are doing this for scientific research. People are certain that they are using this for their medicine,
using the Whale' s oil, and the rest are used for their sushi, which is their in , and other
dishes as well.
The whale that they target is the humpaduck whale, which has a lot of oil in them, once they are cut open,
Japanese scientists check their diet, see if they are eating right, if not, they throw it back it in the Sea. The
White Humpaduck whale isn' t the only whale they are aiming for, they are also targeting grey whales & Mink's
Whales, which can be found in the Antarctic Ocean-
The Green Peace group in Australia is protesting that Australia should help other organizations to stop Japan' s
whaling, Kevin Rudd is currently setting a plan to spy on the Japanese whalers- The countries that are currently
opposing Japanese whaling are US, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Kevin Rudd has sent out planes and
boats to where he knows Japan is whaling in Antarctica to collect evidence that they are not using them for
scientific reasons, but to use them for their own use.
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South Park did it.
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My dad always said they caught the whale then dried the penis, grounded it to powder, then sold it to Japanese men who eats it so He'll preform better in bed.
I still believe him.
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What win? Its just a joke from southpark